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We have 4 cars from the PNW that will be traveling down the Oregon Coast  to Monterey for a week of festivities surrounding the world famous CAR WEEK 2022.

Sadly, Paul Winterton will be there in spirit only. This trip meant a great deal to him so for me personally it will be a trip with very mixed feelings.


Our plan currently is to take 3 days or so to travel down the coast of Washington and Oregon State in series of overnights on the scenic Hwy 101. We expect to end up in the Bay Area in or around the 14th of August.


Once in the Bay area, we are planning to hook up with the local FAQ Chapter and enjoy some of the local cuisine and beer and swap a few stories before moving on to Monterey and take in all the related festivities of Car Week, 2022.




If this trip down the world famous Oregon Coast appeals to your sense of adventure and possibly checks a box on your bucket list, then by all means come along for what  for what should be a epic "roadzy".


Finally, should you have any question in the meantime,  please feel free PM for details. We'd love to have some company.





I am sorry to report that I have been forced to withdraw from the trip to Car Week due to a recently diagnosed health issue. This has been devastating news for me as i's  been planned for a couple of years now. However, I am happy to say  James Teelinger ( @Teelinger ) and a few others from the Seattle area will still be making the trip. I would ask anyone planning on hooking up with the guys from the PNW contact James directly for the details of the group's itinerary. In the meantime I will forward your queries along to James.


All the best and safe travels....Mike






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I think you will have a great trip and I hope you enjoy it. I went to the west coast with friends last year, and it was one of the best trips of my whole life. I visited my friend in Austria just a month ago, and I can say that the architecture in this city is extremely beautiful. I think that every person who loves aesthetics will appreciate it. And most of all I liked the fact that when we went by train, it was possible to track the arrival of each train on this site oebbfahrplan.com, isn't that cool?

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