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  1. How quick do you need them? I have yet to install my second set of Harry's on my tii but you can have those cheap when I do. They are fine, I just like Harry's product. Carlos...
  2. I'm driving up to Gig Harbor from PDX this Friday am, if anyone needs some parts shuttled let me know... Best, Carlos...
  3. I can’t speak as to why they make their recommendations. I instructed my mechanic to contact them and to see about the blue tooth and that’s when they made the recommendation. We rebuilt the motor with a 292 cam and twin 40 dcoe’s. I’m not disappointed at all. On my tii the 123 is better than the e21 dizzy I had on it. Not really an answer to your question but it’s an answer.
  4. I just replaced both my 69 and 74tii with 123's but the boys at 123distributor did not recommend the bluetooth or USB unless I was planning on racing, which I am not. Saved me money with the regular and am happy with both! Carlos...
  5. I bought stainless bumpers from 02bumpers.com and they are great, although for my 69. I converted my 74tii years ago and I did have the panels welded shut and used the other hardware. Blunttech has adapters that will plug and play into existing cut outs and you can mount the chrome bumpers directly. If you paint is still good, this is the way to go. Best, Carlos...
  6. Any idea when you’ll have the next batch of Italian turn signals ready?


    thanks. Carlos. 

  7. until
    Posting for Visibility - Not my event. Look for them on Facebook "Eugene Euro Classic Cars and Coffee" Next Eugene Euro Classic Cars & Coffee is Saturday, Sept. 1, 9-10:30 with a run in the country to follow. Oregon Electric Station. Oct. 6 we're planning a fall colors run to Mary's Peak after meet-up.
  8. until
    Posting for Visibility, not my event - The Classic Group meets at our favorite venue, the Oswego Grill parking area at Centerpointe. Our focus in on Classic BMWs, primarily any BMW 25 years or older, (which means early e32, e34, and e36 are now falling into that category!). If you are able to bring your Classic BMW please join us! If you’re interested in taking the plunge into old-car-ownership (should we say “stewardship”) come on out and hang with us, you’ll meet lots of car people and get useful info/tips for your classic BMW project. We don’t exclude any BMWs, so if you have a newer BMW you are also welcome to join us as well. Registration not required.
  9. Carlos_M

    Cars & Coffee PDX

    Getting some Portland area 2002 (BMW) owners together for a little impromptu cars and coffee at World of Speed. Even if your '02 is not road worthy - bring your DD and come down and meet some friendly faces and make new friends.
  10. Hello!


    Are those BMW wheels for 2002 still available?  I'm in Wilsonville and would love to buy those from you.

    I can drive down in the evening or meet you in Wilsonville during the day.  Whatever is easier for you.




    Rich Elliott 

  11. Carlos_M


  12. Looks great! I had my dash re-covered at “just dashes” in Van Nuys. Awesome job for my 74tii.
  13. sent PM on tail lights & license plate lights
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