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  1. The early cars have a plastic trim ring around each gauge. The later, like yours have that plastic piece with the faux wood. This is what it looks like like with the change. Black is without the plastic faux and silver rings is the early model
  2. I just replaced my rear seals this past weekend. When you're sitting in the back seat, remove the stiff seal cover on the B pillar and then at the B pillar, not the window side, gently pull the seal away from the B pillar (it's attached to the window so be careful). Start from either side (top or bottom) and work your way down. Once the seal is loose, you should be able to see the 4 Philips screws you'll need to remove to take the window out. Remove the rear hinge at your discretion. Recommend taping the window to the car so it doesn't fall out. That's it. Reverse to reinstall.
  3. If you remove the instruments you will see the rings that hold the faux wood panel in place. You'll see it just goes over the regular cluster surround. You can then source the rings and eliminate that panel completely. I did it on my 74tii.
  4. Saturday 29 Feb 2020, Oswego Grill, 7 Centerpointe Way, Lake Oswego OR 97035. Right off of I-5. Hope to see you there.
  5. I'm sorry Dominic, it has been sold. I thought I had marked it as such. Thanks for looking..
  6. Here is the plan... meet up at Council Crest park, Portland at 10:30 for some photos and then head to Sylvan and Hwy 26 to lunch at Helvetia Tavern then after to Sauvie Island wrap up before traffic. There is also a PNW2002 facebook page if anyone in the PDX area is hoping to get connect.
  7. So far the loose plan is to hook up 10ish head out HWY 26 to Helvetia tavern area. Make a loop and then towards Germantown Roadand finish with a loop around Sauvie island and back before traffic. Perhaps stop for lunch at Helvetia tavern. More as I find out.
  8. Mike Savage and I are getting together Thursday 20 02 2020 (European style) for a little drive around Hillsboro area and some lunch. Who wants to drive in the rain with us?
  9. I just found this on IE's website. Note: This bar will not clear the factory downdraft air cleaners, but does clear most aftermarket air cleaners. I think the tii one would probably fit but it's more expensive. Kooglewerks makes one that will fit, but it's even more expensive. Great looking engine bay!
  10. Selling this lightly used IE stainless front strut brace (non tii)... changed to a different brand. Price includes shipping to the lower 48.
  11. Boyd motor works off of sandy Blvd has done great work on my 2 cars
  12. I’m just a simple tool and I couldn’t crack the code to use it properly. I would get notifications for topics I don’t remember signing up for. I like the connections to Facebook and Instagram.
  13. You can still get the adapters from blunt tech and buy the stainless steel bumpers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Navy - 1985 - 2012. Thanks to all my fellow Veterans!
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