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  1. You can still get the adapters from blunt tech and buy the stainless steel bumpers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Navy - 1985 - 2012. Thanks to all my fellow Veterans!
  3. Call Erik at Boyd’s motor Werks. He had my sub frames done recently. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Anyone planning on heading to the C n C in Lake Oswego tomorrow? If some 02's are planning on going... I'll go. Hope to see you out there. Carlos...
  5. My 69 3 piece had the hole on the back but I found it on accident when I was cutting in for a ti clock. I measured my tii for proper placement and then discovered the metal hole. It is best to remove the dash if able as trying to access the rear to tighten the bracket and nut is a PITA. With the dash out, you can measure for placement then use a scribe to gently poke from the rear and you'll discover the hole, without puncturing the front of your dash.
  6. @fjord-tii I read through some other threads and I just “Unloaded” the spring, loosened the drive shaft, bfh a bit more, tightened shaft, reinstalled the spring - gained about 1mm and my turn signal still wouldn’t cancel. Finally I cut a aluminum washer in half, placed on the inboard side of the switch screws, which gave me enough of an angle for the tab to catch and now my signal cancels and I can still use the washer spray on the lever. What a PITA but at least I didn’t have to buy a new switch, yet. Good luck
  7. I had a similar problem with my 69 - the tab was about 1mm short - I found a tread saying to loosen the steering column bolt where it enters the steering box and you can "politely tap" the steering column down enough to gain the 1mm.
  8. How quick do you need them? I have yet to install my second set of Harry's on my tii but you can have those cheap when I do. They are fine, I just like Harry's product. Carlos...
  9. I'm driving up to Gig Harbor from PDX this Friday am, if anyone needs some parts shuttled let me know... Best, Carlos...
  10. I can’t speak as to why they make their recommendations. I instructed my mechanic to contact them and to see about the blue tooth and that’s when they made the recommendation. We rebuilt the motor with a 292 cam and twin 40 dcoe’s. I’m not disappointed at all. On my tii the 123 is better than the e21 dizzy I had on it. Not really an answer to your question but it’s an answer.
  11. I just replaced both my 69 and 74tii with 123's but the boys at 123distributor did not recommend the bluetooth or USB unless I was planning on racing, which I am not. Saved me money with the regular and am happy with both! Carlos...
  12. I bought stainless bumpers from 02bumpers.com and they are great, although for my 69. I converted my 74tii years ago and I did have the panels welded shut and used the other hardware. Blunttech has adapters that will plug and play into existing cut outs and you can mount the chrome bumpers directly. If you paint is still good, this is the way to go. Best, Carlos...
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