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  1. 71 02 Sahara

    71 02 Sahara

  2. Interested in BMW Nardi horn Button and Nardi wire for Horn - what is the price?
  3. I will take it if still available
  4. looking for Driver side chrome window trim (outer) with the rubber sealer that fits against the window. I think it also has felt liner as well.
  5. four two five - two one zero - one three six five
  6. I am in Seattle and would be interested. Where can I see them?
  7. Still would like to purchase the GREEN set.
  8. I responded yesterday as you requested with a follow up PM to confirm my interest.
  9. I am interested in the wheels. I am in the Seattle area.  Are these solid wheels?  How about the balance?  I am out of town, but returning Thanksgiving weekend.  thx Jeff

  10. Is this the gasket that holds the mirror in place? The white one in trapezoid shape? Is it new? thanks.
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