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  1. Scanned photo taken back in 1990 with a close relative.
  2. Replaced my coolant hoses after ~5 years as my coolant pipe had a pin hole. Noticed a drip line coming from the weep hole on the water pump so i replaced my it while i was at it. Along with my injection belt, fan belt, fuel hoses, fuel filter........
  3. Yup, that is my old pump that Wes worked on. It worked pretty well and I still have it.
  4. MSD - Multiple Spark Discharge. George, I put one in my tii ~10 years ago and immediately noticed faster cold starts and smoother idle. Had to use the tach adapter with it but otherwise a straight forward install. Combined with Petronix and Flamethrower coil. YMMV
  5. FYI, The cold start relay / thermotime switch sends the signal to the cold start valve on a tii. Depending on the coolant temp, the relay will trigger the valve to open (spray) from 2 - 10 seconds at start up. If the valve isn't spraying, it is likely either the relay or the switch is faulty, or could be a break in the wiring. Cheers ColinK
  6. Ditto Paul. Sadly might not be till mid-'21ish.... Stay safe and healthy.
  7. There will be lots of opinions but ultimately it's that balance of time/money/scope creep. For my personal journey....... I was fortunate enough to come across an a4 setup for my tii. I spread out the costs of having it rebuilt by Wes Ingram and then having him install it. Coupled with a dogleg it is a wonderful car to drive and always brings a smile. With a custom exhaust from Midnight Motorsports the intake/exhaust sounds are a sheer delight. I've kept the original setup w/ plastic runners for no reason other than being sentimental. I've not yet dyno'd the car but maybe i'll see 150-160ish (has a 292 cam) but that really isn't important to me. No, the car is not 100% original but keeps in being period correct - I'm more than happy with the car (it does bring me joy) and don't ever plan on selling after owning it for nearly 43 years. If i had a clean slate.... Option 1: find another clean/straight '02 and S14, Option 2: find another clean/straight '02 and hotrod a m10 (non-turbo but that's me) Option 3: find a clean straight 70/71 911s good luck
  8. Wes Ingram's link works differently - it a linkage to the enrichment lever
  9. Hi Dave, i'm interested in the tank also, photos please. I'm in Seattle also. Colin
  10. Another tip I learned is from Wes Ingram is to take a 10 mm combo wrench, gently heat it and then put a 90 bend in to get to the locking nut.
  11. ColinK

    Cruise Around Mt Rainier

    James, I'll meet you guys down at the Walmart but will likely peel off somewhere after Elbe as I've got some things to take care of. Thanks for putting this together. ColinK
  12. After 4 years of non-use I would start with a brake fluid flush, including bleeding the clutch slave cylinder. But......It sounds like it is time to rebuild the pedal box. Suppliers like Blunt, Ireland and others have kits. Archives will have tips on flushing and pedal box rebuild (not a fun job). Scope creep would include looking at replacing the brake and clutch lines. Good luck
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