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  1. Congrats on 51 years or original ownership! I hope you and the car enjoy your new winter digs. ColinK
  2. I'm always interested in a drive/get together. That said, I think the boat launch at Alki is closed (or was it just the beaches). Hopefully we can do a get together in May/June, probably the best place to post will be in the PNW section. Cheers
  3. I installed one years ago. First thing i noticed was that the car fired up much quicker on cold starts. FYI, i installed a Streetfire, made my MSD but not as much juice. I'm also running Petronix and a Flamethrower coil.
  4. Amazing restro James! Beautiful car. ColinK
  5. FYI, my old kaput unit is a 003. i guess my memory is fading but I thought it was labeled "West Germany". The currently installed one is the same part number but states "Made in Malaysia"
  6. Search for 'Hemholtz', there's a couple of old threads: Stock is your best bet.
  7. Can't wait to see it in person!
  8. Paul, i'm in for one also. Thanks for your work on this. ColinK
  9. Make sure it is a GL-5 GL-5 for diff. GL-4 for tranny. Like Egon said, 'Don't cross the streams".
  10. Garage space. A single car garage has helped kept me grounded. I even turned down my dad's '68 911 (original owner). My brother has it in his garage so it's still in the family.
  11. I have both. I started with the 390 on 195 tires. When i refreshed the suspension not surprisingly steering effort was easier. Then I went to the 360 and it was more effort when parking. Recently refreshed my tires and moved down to 185s. Overall the car feels more responsive and the steering is (somewhat) lighter. Cosmetically, I think the 360 is too small, the 390 too large but I'm not buying another steering wheel (for now).
  12. https://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=WA for non-ethanol. Check first as I'm not sure of updates. Also, as mentioned, race tracks (Skagit Raceway?) or custom race prep/tuning shops. Also, some fuel distributors, if they retail, may stock 5 gal cans of leaded or unleaded up to 112(?).
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