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  1. Garage space. A single car garage has helped kept me grounded. I even turned down my dad's '68 911 (original owner). My brother has it in his garage so it's still in the family.
  2. I have both. I started with the 390 on 195 tires. When i refreshed the suspension not surprisingly steering effort was easier. Then I went to the 360 and it was more effort when parking. Recently refreshed my tires and moved down to 185s. Overall the car feels more responsive and the steering is (somewhat) lighter. Cosmetically, I think the 360 is too small, the 390 too large but I'm not buying another steering wheel (for now).
  3. https://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=WA for non-ethanol. Check first as I'm not sure of updates. Also, as mentioned, race tracks (Skagit Raceway?) or custom race prep/tuning shops. Also, some fuel distributors, if they retail, may stock 5 gal cans of leaded or unleaded up to 112(?).
  4. 10:1 CR, 292 cam. IE header and custom 2.5" exhaust. Mated to a dogleg.
  5. I purchased a complete set up about 5 years ago, yes it was expensive. I then had it re-furbished a couple of years later (bushings, pump, injectors cleaned and matched) to spread out some of the costs. Only last year did I have it installed and I'm glad (so was Wes Ingram) that I'd first had the ~35+ system gone over. Made dialing in soooo much easier. It was expensive. It is a load of fun.
  6. Wire coat hanger, regardless of what Joan Crawford said. Also good fishing that dropped wrench.
  7. i'll take the other (dirtier) CSV. ColinK
  8. Hi Paul, Yes, that would be great to meet/greet you. I've fiddled a bit with my setup. I was able to get a hold of an Alpina airbox and tried to install it but I have some fitment issues that I need to resolve. For the time being, I'm running foam socks on each trumpet. Really appreciate your input to the forum and your efforts in making niche parts. I love the alternator bracket! ColinK
  9. I had Wes install an A4 system this summer in my tii (not a slide throttle). He may have done another one also. He had rebuilt the the ITBs the year before and Herb rebuilt the pump and matched a set of injectors. Before Wes did the install i had Patrick down at Midnight Motors re-do my exhaust (keeping my IE header, wideband sensor and 2.5" SS pipes all the way back). BTW, Patrick is/was also working on an A4 install. ColinK
  10. I had the same issue with my 5mm spacers. The center bore was just a bit too small in diameter. Sent an email and Jeff sent another set that arrived within a week. These fit nicely. He'll get back to you and take care of the issue.
  11. I've used Wes Ingram a couple of time and I love his work. For me, it is a local thing. I can drive to Wes'. Heard good things about the others. He's big in the Alfa/Spica worlds. he rebuilds KF also. Rebuilt my A4 TBs last year. Herb Sanborn (who does the injector cleaning) is a true craftsman. He cleaned and matched 4 injectors for me. I have 2 matched spares and 6 more i'd like to have cleaned, tested and calibrated. Here's a picture of his flow bench. http://wesingram.com/shoptools.html. Got a chance this summer to hear him run a Montreal pump at full speed, that was amazing. Good luck.
  12. My hub is "closer" to the pad ~1/2 the distance your show, see the other post about the "short steering wheel hub adapter". my hub has the similar flare. No issues with horn over the past ~40 years. Colin
  13. I bought my Nardi wheel and hub back in the late 70's. The hub is slightly flared and about 3 1/8" long.
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