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Megasquirt parts, oil pan baffle, crank scraper, etc.


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Used Parts:

E30 318i intake manifold - SOLD

E30 318i fuel pressure regulator - SOLD

E30 318i fuel rail - SOLD

Bosch 'Yellow Top' 19lb fuel injectors (8) - SOLD (I pulled all 8 from a Crown Vic with less than 100k miles with the intent of having them cleaned & flow-tested, and using the best-matched 4.)

New Parts:

M10 oil pan baffle (Ireland Engineering) - SOLD

M10 windage tray, aka crank scraper (Ireland Engineering) - SOLD

pair of M10 oil pan gaskets (2 required for windage tray) - SOLD

VDO Vision Oil Pressure Gauge (150psi)- $20

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Man, I hope I get this one. I'm still recovering from not seeing the IE sway bars in time last week! I'm still waiting to hear from the seller.

Best of luck this weekend. I'd offer to help, but I'm too busy doing the same on my car.


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You don't want this stuff. These are not the parts you're looking for. Let them go to the next person in line. (I'm slowly waving my hand while typing this, testing whether the Force works via Internet post.)

I'm sorry to hear you won't be joining in the fun and games this weekend. I hope your engine swap goes smoothly. Let us know when you're doing some more fun stuff so we can get in on the action. If nothing else, we can provide helpful suggestions, like "it's going to be really tough getting those oil scraper and baffle parts installed, so you should seriously consider selling them at a loss to someone local to reduce your hassle factor." I'm sure I can come up with more time saving ideas if I can get a good look at your parts stash ;-)




'76 2002 "Verona" / '12 Fiat 500 Sport "Latte" / '21 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off Road Prem “The Truck”


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Grice, Grice, Grice,

You slay me. For a moment there I thought you actually convinced me to surrender my "booty". Fortunately, the lapse in sanity was short lived. However, should I decide to relinquish said booty, I'll keep you in mind. At a loss??? Not likely. However, should you have a Garrett GT2871R or Super 60 laying around.....

As for this weekend, I'm not sure I'll be able to get to the swap; just too much going on. I have seriously considered having "the gang" over and that may come to pass. Work and my personal life has gotten "complicated" as of late and has prevented me from getting to my two "project" cars. I greatly appreciate the offer and support of my friends in the area. Stay tuned.....



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