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  1. Thank you, Jim. It's been a pleasure owning it, particularly because it created opportunities to meet cool kids like you. It's been a hoot, but Mina and I are destined for Salt Lake City, where the air is thin, the snow is fluffy, the mountains are tall, and the sunsets are spectacular. Maybe I'll start hoarding climbing, mountaineering and ski gear.
  2. This is a well sorted 2002 with loads of goodies. This car is more of a street sleeper than a garage queen. A librarian with leather underwear. A Girl Scout with an MP5. Cooler than a snake belly in a snow bank. Other similes and analogies apply, but are unspoken, unwritten, uncovered only through years of exhilarating driving, nights spent dreaming of days past and days to come, longing glances over one’s shoulder across a parking lot, shadows cast on the face of the sun, your initials carved in the sky with the tip of an eagle’s wing. Leave your hymnals closed on the pew. Their tired, droning dirges no longer lift your spirit, nor quicken your pulse, nor dilate your pupils as once they did. It’s time for a new sound, a new song, a new rhythm. It’s time for a new you. Reach out and touch Faith. Give to Charity. Then leave ‘em in the dust and take a ride on the wild side. Your new vector is Verona. Vroom vroom is the soundtrack to your future. This car is where it’s at. This is a 1976 BMW 2002 in legendary Verona Red—the only wavelength of the visible spectrum recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Color and sanctified by the Vatican. As any reputable historian can tell you, BMW stopped producing 2002s on April 14, 1976, having discovered that the car with VIN 2742348 was perfect in all respects. The cars that subsequently rolled off the line served only to liquidate parts inventory, and are well documented to be of inferior quality, as were all the 2002s that preceded 2742348. This is a piece of automotive history. This is the car with VIN 2742348. Step over the velvet rope and claim your prize. As perfection is transitory, this car has received a few minor modifications by the current owner to ensure the car remains at the pinnacle of perfectitude, good taste, and performance. Engine: E30 M3 S14 crankshaft and rods 92mm custom JE 10:1 pistons Cometic MLS head gasket Schrick 292 camshaft Schrick heavy duty valve springs TTV Racing 4kg billet steel flywheel Ireland Engineering aluminum racing radiator Ireland Engineering silicone coolant hoses E30 water divider with temperature sensor for pusher fan, additional sensor for stock coolant temperature gauge, additional sensor for VDO coolant temperature gauge 1250 CFM SPAL pusher fan with Massive aluminum pusher fan mounting brackets E30 M3 S14 starter motor (SR440x) Stahl header Ireland Engineering stainless exhaust 123 Tune programmable distributor MSD Flame Thrower 2 coil Magnecor KV85 competition silicone spark plug wires Twin Weber 40 DCOE Italian carburetors with angled velocity stacks modified to accept metal mesh filters designed for 45mm horns Korman sidedraft intake manifold Malpassi Filter King fuel pressure regulator with gauge Ireland Engineering poly passenger side motor mount E12 driver side motor mount Driveline: Getrag 245 5-speed transmission E36 Z3 short shift lever Poly transmission bushing Delrin transmission support bracket bushing Stainless woven clutch line Slip collar drive shaft to reduce strain on the Giubo E21 3.91 limited slip differential Combination E21/2002 half shafts Suspension: Ground Control coil overs with Koni adjustable inserts Ireland Engineering adjustable front camber plates Boxed trailing arms Poly suspension bushings, including rear subframe inserts Bilstein Sport shocks with H&R lowering springs KMAC adjustable rear toe and camber eccentrics Suspension Techniques anti-sway bars D-Force LTW5 wheels 15x7et25 Ventus V2 Concept 2 195/50 tires barely used Brakes: tii brake booster and master cylinder Volvo-Girling calipers with E21 vented rotors, E21 rear drums Porterfield autocross pads and endurance shoes Stainless flexible brake lines Interior: Alpina E21 4-spoke steering wheel Alpina badged, weighted aluminum shift handle E36 black leather electric seats on custom seat mounts--seats are several inches lower than stock seats, allowing for more headroom Rear seat delete, with upper panel hinged to provide storage in place of rear seat Esty salt and pepper carpet for rear seat delete 2002s Headliner removed and replaced with RattleTrap sound deadener, decreasing interior noise and increasing headroom 3-gauge cluster with Innovate wideband AFR gauge, VDO oil pressure, VDO coolant temperature Long center console Handbrake upgrade kit with needle bearings--zero side-to-side slop 2002 Turbo handbrake cables Massive dead pedal, with matching oversized throttle pedal to facilitate your fancy heel-toe footwork Exterior: Diving board bumpers replaced with early chrome bumpers Stainless fog light bar Yellow Cibie Super Oscar fog lights with 100W Hella bulbs 100/60W Hella H4 high beam/headlight bulbs LED tail lights Euro driving lights BMWCCA no space grille badge BMW2002FAQ grille badge BMW 2002 50 years grille badge BMW CCA National Capital Chapter grille badge Pittsburgh 2018 BMW O’Fest 50 Years of BMW 2002 grille badge Korman Autoworks front license plate surround BMWCCA no space National Capital Chapter rear license plate surround The rest of the car is mostly stock. Mechanical history and maintenance: Original block and crankshaft machining, head porting performed by Eric Kerman. Head checked and resealed 1000 miles ago by Clay Aulebach of RAC Engines. Clutch and pressure plate replaced 1000 miles ago while head was off. New clutch pressure plate balanced with flywheel and installed 1000 miles ago. Front and rear wheel bearings replaced and repacked within the last 3000 miles. E21 inner CV joints replaced with new within last 3000 miles. 2002 outer CV joints repacked within last 3000 miles. Transmission and differential fluid replaced (Redline) within last 1000 miles. Ireland Engineering stainless exhaust installed 1000 miles ago. Block, radiator and heater core flushed and refilled 1000 miles ago. The car was repainted in its original Verona at some point in the past. The paint job is a 10-footer. It polishes up nicely, because humans evolved to see Verona as perfect regardless of its flaws. Though this car spent its first 34 years in the Midwest, and has been stored in the current owner’s garage since 2009, it has a few small surface rust bubbles on the upper portion of the driver’s door and the trunk lid at the belt line trim. Overall, the body is in excellent shape, as are the floor pans, shock towers, frame rails and rockers. The current owner has taken the car off the road each fall and stored it every winter. The original sound deadening material has been replaced with Rattle Trap, including the front and rear bulkheads, plus the ceiling. Don’t worry, you can still hear the intake and exhaust noise, and they are lovely. Door seals were replaced two years ago, and as expected, they’re not perfect. Though they keep the interior dry (which is a necessity if you ever plan to attend the Vintage, an event guaranteed to be accompanied by a monsoon) wind noise is apparent at highway speeds (75-85 mph.) Overall, this car is tons of fun. It’s currently set up for street driving, with lots of low end torque due to the stroker crank, cam, dual 40s, and long intake trumpets. The idle is a bit lumpy and rich, throttle response crisp, and intake burble enthralling. Current owner isn't into spinning tires or playing “High Plains Drifter” to impress the ladies, but this car can easily do that and more. Included with the car is a collection of books, parts, and memorabilia--enough to clutter your workshop, pleasure cave, bedroom and/or yoga studio. The car has a clean Maryland title, and is currently registered and insured in the owner's name. Located in the Washington, D.C. metro area, within 45 minutes of all three airports serving the DC Metro area: IAD, DCA, BWI. $23,000
  3. I have a restored tii brake booster. PM me if you're still looking. I'll be away from home until middle of next week, and can ship then.
  4. I have a spare 245 that has rusty internals, but the case is likely fine. I don't recall whether I have the proper tools to remove the rear case from a 245, but I'll look into it. Before I do, please note that I'm in the US, so shipping might be horrendous, and I'm headed out of town in a few hours, so I won't able to start monkeying with the case until middle of next week. Grice
  5. I can't believe you're selling that custom-painted rear sway bar! The paint job adds a few seconds per lap to your lap time, allowing for increased enjoyment of the scenery.
  6. This is a common malady to which I know no obvious cure. I’m guessing the bolts/studs are pressed into the kidney grill, and they’re spinning due to corrosion between the nut and stud threads. It sounds like you need to find a way to hold the stud in place while you spin the nut, or vice versa. Neither sounds like a simple course of action.
  7. Reinstalled and tuned DCOE 40s. 38 DGES just wasn't doing it for me. The motor (bored to 92mm, stroked with an M3 crank, clicky-clacking with a Schrick cam and a 123 jingle-jangler) loves the 40s. Things are a bit rich at idle, but it goes like stink with no hesitation or flat spot, right up to red line. Sounds much better as well. Vintage prep complete. See you all next May in Asheville.
  8. https://www.energysuspensionparts.com/products/bmw_2002_1976
  9. I’m with Stephers on getting the flange milled flat. You can check the alignment of the primaries by laying a one-piece e30 M10 gasket over the flange. Make sure the stud holes in the flange and gasket align, then see how the exhaust holes in the gasket align with the primaries. Stahl headers are generally very well made, so I’d be dismayed if you find that there’s significant misalignment.
  10. I have a set of his from several years ago. Sweet pieces. I’m willing to sell them to reduce your needs 😉 Clarification: I have a set for a single seat. Not a set for two seats. And definitely not a set for three seats. Not that anyone ever wanted three seats in a 2002. Stupid.
  11. I have a new old stock Schrick 304 in the DC area if that would do. It has a lot more high end than a 292, at the cost of a small bit of low end. Still very streetable.
  12. I don’t know Piers, but I responded to his post with a link to your post here on the FAQ. I’ll follow up with him on FB tomorrow and get back to you. Your internediary in these digital times, Grice AKA William G Gruff, Billy Goats Gruff’s formal name. And for those of you following along at home, Billy Goats Gruff is the story of the original troll buster, and the source of my online name on the interwebs since the very early days of AOL.
  13. Someone named Piers Fox out of Woking listed a 265 close ratio box earlier this week on the BMW 2002 Classifieds group on Facebook. Asking price is £1750.
  14. The close ratio 5-speed transmission is likely worth the asking price. That said, I sincerely doubt the claim about the mileage, especially given the fact that the motor was converted from injected to carbureted. Nobody does that just for fun.
  15. I’m going to be in your area today, and may be interested in transmissions. I’ll PM you.
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