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  1. Selling my rare, factory 3.64 limited slip differential. It came out of a 1979 320iS. It will fit any E21 and can fit 2002s with some modification. I bought this low mileage diff from Double02 over ten years ago. It's been stored indoors with fresh Lucas oil since then. I'll drain and refill with brand new oil if the buyer is local. Break-away torque was measured at 40ftlbs which is stronger than any other E21 LSD I've ever had. Most are worn and measure 25ftlbs or less. Factory spec is 45ftlbs so this diff is in excellent condition. I had some output flange seals in my parts bin so I just put those in as well. Didn't need them but now they're new. $800 obo. Willing to ship at buyer's expense but I am looking for a local buyer first. If it doesn't sell locally I will build a small crate to ship. It weighs about 60lbs and will ship from 94539 if you want to estimate the shipping.
  2. If it is worth significantly more than I paid for it, then I will be selling it. For now, I'm just trying to assess the market value.
  3. Getrag 245, close ratio dog-leg transmission out of a 1980 323i in good condition. I'm more interested in figuring out the value at this point. If it's worth a lot more than I paid, I'll have a tough time installing it in my car. I'm half hoping I got a great deal, and half hoping I can use it on my M42 swap.
  4. Price:: 50 Location: : San Jose, CA Sold Steering wheel is in decent shape, definitely not perfect but the stitching is still good, the leather is pretty good, just dirty and has some small blemishes. Pics show the condition well. It has a nice patina, as everyone likes to say these days.
  5. Price:: 40 Location: : San Jose, CA Sold I have a Momo adapter that came out of a 2002 many years ago. The rubber boot is still pretty soft, though it could use a cleaning. $40 I can get a set of SS bolts, can't find the old black ones but they were starting to rust.
  6. bump, PM me for a faster response, I don't check the thread often
  7. Sorry, unfortunately I don't have the time or resources to ship it. Replying to PMs now
  8. Price:: 600 Location: : San Jose, CA SOLD Selling my 5-speed transmission with matching drive shaft. This is the 80-82 version with the 4-bolt output flange for an easy swap into the 2002. Transmission is in good shape with no grinding or slipping. Selling for $600 picked up in the San Jose area. I can also meet in the south or east bay but my schedule is very tight. I can also include the flywheel and clutch for an additional 100. SOLD
  9. Parting out a '78 2L engine, basically a stock engine, mileage unknown, ran fine other than a cold start oil pressure issue so the pump is probably no good. Everything else should be fine. It has new injectors with a few hundred miles on them, the 80mm afm, other than that it's just a pile of boring stock parts. Let me know if you guys need anything! Posting here is preferred to pm. Located in SF Bay Area, I'm able to meet in the south or east bay. Complete block with flat top pistons (needs oil pump replaced, I will include a good used pump) $250 Complete cylinder head $80 Intake manifold $60 Oil filter housing tapped for VDO oil temp sender $25
  10. I'm selling a set of four intake runners pulled from a '78 320i. I know they are an upgrade for the M30, not sure if they are for the 2002 but I figured I'd post them here anyway. $100 shipped to west coast, 110 shipped to east coast. These cost about $20/each from Pick n Pull, so $100 for four is pretty cheap considering you don't have to go to the junk yard and pull them yourself. Location: Mountain View, CA
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