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  1. Price:: 950 Location: : Malvern PA Complete BMW 2002 interior. The front seats were re-upholstered in 2006 and are in fantastic shape. The back seat is in great condition. Door cards are almost perfect for their age. The rear door cards were modified to hold speakers. The dash does have a crack.There is a box filled with all the little odds and ends, cranks, visors etc. I also have all of the exterior trim including the belt line which is in great condition. I would like to sell it all in one shot. If you are interested in a particular part feel free to make me an offer but would much prefer to sell it all. Im not really looking for trades, but I am looking for an e30 project or an s52. More photos at:
  2. eric.

    1974 Parts Car in New Jersey

    Just sent the guy an e-mail... hope to go check it out ASAP!
  3. eric.

    02's FS in NC

    Anyone take a look at this car?
  4. eric.

    1975 Project Car

    Sold! worst day ever....
  5. eric.

    1975 Project Car

    Year:: 1975 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 4800 Location: : Malvern PA I don't have the time or money to finish this project. Would love to move it along to someone who is gong to finish it up. More details in the Craig's List add below. Thanks, Eric
  6. All new. VAC - M10 Billet Rocker Arms, Set of 8 VAC - M10 High Performance Valve Spring Set, 8 pcs VAC - M10 Titanium Valve Retainers (8mm), 8 pcs $1100 Location: Philadelphia
  7. eric.

    M10 Stoker Project

    I was trying to sell my whole project but recently got an offer for the the roller. Is anyone interested in the engine for $3800? I will take some off the price if you can pick it up! Short block assembled. M10 block machined to 93mm hot tanked and surfaced by VAC S14-crank checked and cleaned up VAC New performance main bearings ARP main studs S14 reconditioned crank arms VAC New performance rod bearings New ARP rod bolts Custom 9.5-1 pistons S14 harmonic balancer New s14 head gasket ARP head bolts Machined timing cover for s14 seal. Vac oil pump up grade Vac adjustable cam gear Used but good condition Water pump, Thermostat, weber 32-36 (Just rebuilt) and intake, alternator, mechanical advanced distributor. More stuff I'm forgetting. E-12 head not rebuilt all original parts included. Korman k300 cam Location: Philadelphia
  8. eric.

    1975 Bmw 2002 Project Car Location: Philadelphia<br />Year: 1975<br />Make: Bmw<br />Model: 2002<br />
  9. This is depressing, but I'm starting the proses of selling off the parts I accumulated for my m10 build. Nothing like buying a house to ruin the fun. First on the chopping block are my brand new never used VAC racking rocker arms. Location: Philadelphia<br />
  10. I love the Anthrazitgrau Metallic but Im going Derby for a classic look. I can't wait to post some photos. thanks for all your help.
  11. Oh no! the dreaded search function. Still not so good at that... Thanks guys Im sure I will figure it out.
  12. Thanks! Two dumb questions. (Im confused) 1. Which one of those number is the paint code? I don't speak german and the internet is telling me the number I should be looking for is "7050"? 2. Where can I order paint? I cant seem to find a source for 60's BMW paint anywhere. Am I missing something?
  13. That ford engine compartment color is very cool. That is my next problem. Where can I get derby paint? It does not aper to be on paint I am going to be painting the engine compartment, trunk and door jams to try to save some money.
  14. Nevada is a great color. Im also starting to look at Porsche Slate grey. (This is hard)
  15. Thanks guys. I really like the Anthrazitgrau metallic but I am going for a somewhat retro look, and want it to be a bit unique. I Still cant decide if derby is going to look good. I could just play it safe and go with the Anthrazitgrau metallic.