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m20 powered 74tii


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1974 2002tii with an m20 swap. Here are a few pics from PO's website.







Driver side fender was fiberglass for some reason (notice the cracking), passenger's is metal. Purchased a replacement OEM one from Sam in VA...Thanks Sam.


Day of arrival.



Uh Oh, we have some rust. Car was described as rust free.


In the shop (RRT) getting the following done.


Rust repair

Valve cover gasket replacement

Valve adjustment

Oil pan gasket replacement

Replacement of CSB

Replacement of Guibo

Installation of new transmission output flange (old flange cracked & failed)

Installation of new oil filter

Installation of new plugs

Leakdown test (came back at less than 2% across all 6)

Drain tranny & differential fluids, replace w/ Redline

Oil change w/ Mobil 1

Fabrication of bracket to support AFM

Installation of new throttle cable

Clean and inspect coilovers


On the lift with the Style 10's from Greg L. and euro turns from BLUNT. MIMs that were previously on it were the wrong offset - et35. Also have a set of BBS RZ's. Need to get flares put on before I run those.


Notice damage from the output flange failure. One of the POs tried to patch it with JB-Weld.


Old seats. Holding onto to these in case I want to redo them down the road.


New seats.


New wheel.

Also have a new carpet set (german loop - charcoal) on the way from Al, as well as some new trunk boards.

Car should be out of the shop this week and I can't wait to get it out for a drive.

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Tom -

I believe that they are. PO put them on. I've removed the decal from the rear. Plan on removing the front ones when it gets back from the shop. They look good on the e36 m3, but I don't think that they are appropriate for the '02.

- Ian

mmm, yeh, i agree. I think they'd maybe look alright on a racing 02 though. Anyway, glad to hear your getting the rust delt with. Should be great when you get it back. Bet ya cant wait :-)!



72tii - Whitey

74 - Blacky

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looks great ian, i love the stance. what are you running in the rear for springs?

Came with some blue springs that I think might be H&R Race springs. They have been cut by one of the POs and are tearing up the spring pads, so I might be replacing them shortly.

I pickup the car from the shop tomorrow afternoon. Took a little more time to finish up the welding...

Will get some additional pics and the accurate spring info posted this weekend.

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Mechanics are all sorted. Now I need to find a body shop to have the turbo flares and turbo airdam installed, rockers replaced and respray done. This car has deviated so far from stock that I am now considering getting it sprayed Laguna Seca Blue. Other colors considered include schwartz, fjord and baikal. Both the wife and son like the blues.



Car is outside of the garage right now due to the fuel vapor smells coming from the gas tank. I need to pull it, boil it and seal it.


Oh, and here is a shot of the BBS rims that I will be tucking under the flares.

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Nice ride mate! Looks great when you first picked it up! I love those wheels. Shame the car was exactly what you thought it was whemn you purchased it, but is sure will come together nicely!

I love the color! Leguna Seca blue would look awesome on it though and the car is from the generation where it can easily get away with it! The color is probably more suited to that than to the new M3...

Good luck, please keep us up to date with your doings!


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OK, I need to update this thread.

Car was sent off to Artisan Autobody to have bodywork, flarework and a repaint about 4 weeks ago.


When it returns, it will look very similar to David Wong's Inka '02 shown below.


I stopped by the shop today. Unfortunately, not much has been done. It's backlogged behind some other work. Too bad because I was hoping to have it back by early May.

As for colors, I am leaning towards Chamonix or the MINI color called Pepper White. The wife likes Atlantik Blue and Imola is also still a candidate. Schwartz was heavily considered but dismissed for various reasons. LSB is also out of the running. As BLUNT stated in another post, whatever I choose should look good on the car, especially with the new trim and seals that I purchased from him.

Originally, I was going to leave the engine in a have the bodyshop paint to a hardline at the top of the front fenders. Today, we decided to pull the engine and do it right. So.....I am sure that I am going to be faced with a lot of "While it is out" decisions to make (ie. new clutch, SSK, new 320is bellhousing to replace the damaged one). We also decided to order a new front windshield to replace the original pitted one that I removed.

I'll post some additional pics once some progress is made at the shop.

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nice, pick a color and dont let anyone influence you. i chose colorado and got a ration of shit from everyone at the body shop. i knew what i wanted but their comments made me second guess myself. i stuck with it and im glad i did. its looking awesome and everyone at the shop is changing their tune after seeing it as well. youre a sick man ian and i have the receipts to prove it

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As an Ex-MINI Cooper S driver (chili red with black roof) , I think this color has to be the most boring color ever produced and it would be more at home on the walls of a retirement village than on either a MINI or a 2002. Please dont paint it that color for the sake of your own sanity, pick a color that is bright and vibrant or classic (red, black, white (NOT BEIGE!) dark blue or silver)

Sorry to sound like the person Blunt is talking about above who tries to change your mind, but I feel I must pipe up here... :-P


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