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sill molding


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Having a brain fart here today. I have the narrow gray sill molding ( not the wide black or the other narrow black )    and I can't remember which way it goes on, screws on the outer part of the sill or does it go the other way around and the screws are on the carpet side?        And is there a rubber seal that goes between the door and the molding?


Sorry can't do any pictures today


Thanks, Rick

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Thanks, shouda, couda taken pictures but!!!     The piece is , of course , NLA.    Is it 1/2 round or 1/4 round?    Found some 1/4 round sponge hollow seal from Steele Rubber products ( peel and stick, have used some of their peel and stick before and it does stick )    It is 1/2" X 1/2" so it will fit and being hollow and sponge rubber, there should be some give to it.   Also, being hollow, I could tie in the new door seal ends with that tab tucking nicely into the hollow section     Only thing is that they want 50 bucks ( US ) for 10 ft     with shipping and currency exchange, it will be about 100 Canadian  , a little high for a chance it might not work    BUT, I guess if BMW still made the seals, they would be over 100 bucks    WTH     I will order some


Thanks again for the pictures, Rick

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