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FS: 1973 Inka 2002tii Sunroof Numbers Matching

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Price: $100
Location: Richmond, CA

I purchased this 73 2002tii recently as I have a very early 72 Inka 2002tii that I was going to use some of the parts for. I decided that I am just going to sell everything and not take anything off this car. I do not have time to tinker around anymore. First up is the 73 2002tii sunroof, after this one sells then I am ready to sell my 72 2002tii also in Inka. This car has been talked about on this forum and please feel free to read the discussions. I listed this car on ebay, but only attracted deadbeat bidder. I can send serious buyers over 100 pictures via email. Please PM your email address and I can send them.


As I stated I purchased this car recently from the East Coast. Shipping was VERY expensive as this car did not roll, had flat tires etc. I got this car rolling and put on tires that hold air. Now that it rolls and steers I assume shipping would be cheaper, but I encourage out of state buyers to get a shipping quote before committing to purchase.


It did not come with a title and I do not have a title. It was last registered/on the road in New Hampshire 1983. Here are the good aspects of the car.


-Original Inka sunroof 2002tii. All vin tags are present. Numbers matching engine that still turns over. It has a factory sunroof that still operates (I would assume it needs to be lubricated.)


Bad: This car needs a restoration as you can see in the pictures. The car had and still has some primer spots scattered amongst the car. Some have been painted with a can of orange spray paint. The spray paint job still has some runs, drips etc. It makes the car look decent from a distance, but this car needs a professional body man, welder, restoration etc.


I have taken close to a 100 pictures so perspective buyers know what they are getting. This car has the front brake pads removed and this car rolls, steers very smoothly.


The link to the pictures are below.



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On 11/30/2019 at 2:26 AM, Johnny Haywire said:

I think it's kind of frowned upon here to try to sell a roundie Inka tii without a title...


I don’t agree with that: among 40+ year old cars there are many that have no titles and there are states — two with which I’m familiar first-hand are Georgia and Maine — that do not issue titles for vehicles of that age...


In Georgia, I pleaded for titles for my ‘02’s and eventually got them, with a “You really don’t need this!” comment. Similar pleading in Maine, for the ‘61 F-350, with me pointing to a historical vehicles title provision in the Maine code, resulted in a “That’s not for you, dear!” and no title. ?


A prohibition on offering title-less cars leads to a nonsensical conclusion: title-less cars from states such as Georgia and Maine — and there are many others — could not be sold through this forum.


So as long as the title status is disclosed, I believe it’s absolutely fine to advertise and sell title-less cars. If a title-less car is headed for a strict title state — California(?) — there are multiple ways to obtain a title, many of those ways having been discussed on this forum.






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Hi Steve,


While I agree in principle (and have deleted my previous post) that you can receive a new title for a car without a title in some cases, a window sticker showing a previous registration at some point in NH is not sufficient to register or title a car in most, if not all, states. In Illinois, if you want to register a car from a no-title state, you would need the no-title state's registration signed over from the previous owner and a bill of sale from said owner.


I bought an early '60s Jaguar a few years ago for parts (it was abandoned, and did not come with any paperwork). When I sent it to the scrapyard, the company agreed to take it but offered no money and took my information (photo of my driver's license) and, as such, should the car ever come back as stolen or a previous provable owner make a claim on it, I would then be responsible. So far so good, but knowing that's out there isn't a great feeling.



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I've said this before in other posts. Vermont, a non-title state for cars 10 years and older, simply requires a handwritten bill of sale between two people for registration. Go do a check on the VIN at the police station, write out a bill of sale between friends and you're golden. VT even does registration by mail, no need to be a VT resident or have the car present there. Pay the tax and fees and that's it. Lots of guys who dig up old motorcycles and aircooled VWs do this and there are guides online. The VT reg can then become a title in a title state.

Here are some links. Save this car!




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