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  1. Hey fellow Vortex member! I'm interested but not sure how this would work logistically in the era of Covid. I've picked up several cars from Seattle/WA (my 911 two years ago and my Saab 5 years ago), but things are not as easy these days. I bet you'll find a local buyer before I'm able to figure out the logistics.
  2. I've said this before in other posts. Vermont, a non-title state for cars 10 years and older, simply requires a handwritten bill of sale between two people for registration. Go do a check on the VIN at the police station, write out a bill of sale between friends and you're golden. VT even does registration by mail, no need to be a VT resident or have the car present there. Pay the tax and fees and that's it. Lots of guys who dig up old motorcycles and aircooled VWs do this and there are guides online. The VT reg can then become a title in a title state. Here are some links. Save this car! http://www.chinonthetank.com/2014/04/get-a-title-with-a-vermont-registration/ https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/08/12/answering-questions-about-lotus-and-vermont-loophole https://www.cartitles.com/title-option-2/ Sent from my VS996 using Tapatalk
  3. Vermont is what you're looking for. That's what the VW Beetle and motorcycle crowd uses. All they need is a bill of sale, $50 and tax for the value of the car. Mail it in and you get plates in the mail in a few weeks. Sent from my VS996 using Tapatalk
  4. The CL post for the 1968 has been deleted. What was the asking price?
  5. It's changed hands a bunch of times. My friends and I have been keeping track of it in an e-mail thread for more than a year. It started off in SoCal (the San Fernando Valley) last year for $6,500, dropping to $6k. I tried to grab it and missed it. It then popped up again in the Inland Empire for $15k, slowly dropping until it reached about $11k. Then it disappeared. Popped up again in NorCal for $13k and has since been popping up on and off, slowly dropping. It's now back up at $9k, but the pics are different, so it may have changed hands up there at some point.
  6. The sellers are in their 70s and don't operate well online. It took them 5 days to figure out how to upload pics on Craigslist.
  7. I tried and was actually the first one to see it (well, a friend I sent was). He gave me a crappy description in the hope that I'd pass and he could snag the Webers. By the time we cleared that up and I gave him the instruction to purchase, someone already put down a deposit .
  8. My friend went to check it out for me a couple of days after it was posted. The pics the seller later posted made it seem way better than its actual condition. It had sat without moving since 2004. Rear quarters were bubbling and rusty. The car was under a cover and had rotting vegetation underneath (blown in by wind) all the way up to the floor, which didn't bode well for the floor or frame rails. I was still going to risk it but couldn't find a place to park it while I traveled up from SoCal. While I was looking, it sold.
  9. Hot feet indeed. The more I think about it, the more I realize this isn't for me, even though it was going to be a 4th car used sparingly on weekends/track days. It's just too much. So, for anyone interested, here's the ad: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/6095337947.html He wanted $5k in the ad but the car's driver's side door was hit by a hit-and-run driver (not too bad really, may be banged out with effort) a couple of days ago, so he's lowered the price to $3k. Aside from what I posted, the mod list is pretty extensive (suspension, transmission, brakes). It would be a steal for anyone interested in a 100 octane beast. I'm going to keep searching for something milder.
  10. VadGTI


  11. Looking to possibly purchase a 2002 and the seller provided me with a list of mods (maybe he's a member on here, not sure). In any event, he informed me that the car, as currently set up, basically requires 100 octane. I just wanted to poll the learned membership of the FAQ to confirm whether this was correct and, if so, whether there was anything (maybe retarding timing, etc.) that could be done (short of ripping this engine apart to add new pistons or head gasket spacer) to get this thing to run on California's 91 (plus maybe some octane booster if necessary). Here's the list of mods as it apparently sits now: Any thoughts?
  12. Would it be possible to get pics of the rust/frame rail issue? If needed, I will provide my direct email address. Thanks!
  13. Keith, did you end up picking it up or is the car somehow still available?
  14. Had a friend ready to go grab it for me when the ad went down after being live for about 12 hours. Just wondering if anyone here picked it up and if it was as rust-free as claimed (just to add to my missing-out misery)? [emoji2] Also, was it a real ti?
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