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NOS Allison / Crane electronic ignition

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Price: $60
Location: Pennsylvania


A new, never installed Crane / Allison electronic ignition kit. Replaces points. Comes with factory instructions. This is a NOS (New Old Stock) unit - and far better quality than the ones Crane has been selling over the last 5-6 years. Proof? The one in my father's car is 30 years old and still going. 


This one is date stamped "1979"! Model Number "XR700 /0231" for BMW 2002 / Bosch distributor. Complete kit. Ready for installation. 


Price is $60 and includes postage within the 48 states. (For reference, the new "iffy" versions sell for $100+ plus shipping.)


Paypal easy. No guesswork. Simple. :)



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14 hours ago, wegweiser said:

I'm an analog guy...I still run ignition points in my cars...but eventually I'll pony up the big $$$ for one of those 123 ignition units everyone seems to love. Programmable, seamless, digital, pefect for tuning a tii. :) 



Don't do it!!



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If you are still looking for one of these electronic ignition retrofit kits I have both the early Allison version as shown in the original post as well as the later Crane version.  I also have one of the Allison red high performance ignition coils which is capable of 40KV.


Email for pictures: shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com

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