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Megasquirt Timing With Edis Trigger Wizard


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Running EDIS with the megasquirt II (turner studio). I am about 8 degrees off on the tooth vs VR sensor. I am almost at the 10th tooth. I subtracted 8 degrees (estimation) and put a timing light on the engine. It is 0 degrees at TDC and the trigger wizard is showing 16 degrees. No matter what I do it will not change from 16 degrees. Running the timing gun up to 25, the hash mark on the flywheel pops up.  the trigger wizard is 16.
I am supposed to make the trigger wizard match the timing gun number but when I attempt to boost the number, the car runs like crap and dies.  Any ideas on how to make it match the timing number?
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This is actually a dummy set up on the mac for my JIMSTIM and testing.   My actual is set for EDIS


I went through Colins megasquirt set up and copied his verbatim.  :)


I ended up purchasing the full blown for the autotune... and the version upgraded yesterday for me.  


My issue is getting the software to sync with the timing light.  I am guessing to do it at 1500 and subtract in the wizard until the value matches the timing light.  I was under the impression that the value in the wizard changes as you plus or minus the value but I think the engine advance changes and you adjust via the timing light.

I am off a tooth too.... I have an 02AGAIN trigger wheel and VR sensor holder.


Thank you for your help!!!!!

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