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Been Down, But Not Out!!


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Hey guys sorry for my hiatus! In know you missed me! LOL

In any case I am moving ALL my stuff to a larger facility. Its been absolutely crazy, but.. I owe some folks a heads up. In the meantime, my digital life crapped out on me! All my contacts and files were lost except for a few. Thank god I backed up all my BMW pics and info. What a nightmare!!

So sorry if I haven't responded on here or otherwise.


Sorry I missed you at the Legends! looking forward to seeing you guys at the Bay Area '02 meet next year or at the Snowball or...Socal Vintage in to weeks!!


I finally found those Konis you want. Drop me a line and we can coordinate.

Brother Jim Huff,

I hope your car is running great and it looks fantastic after you had it fixed. WE need to hook up!


Mike B!

get your car done ... let me know how that's going!! Did you or are you going to use the HRB and mount setup ? If not I will buy those back no problem!


Dan E!

DId you tune your supercharger yet? How's it running.

Too much to catch up on guys..

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  • Alpina

Nice to see you back Rey!

Car should make the trip down for SoCal Vintage. The crank bell linkage I had was binding so I'm now putting a cable type, still working some issues.

Still tuning the car, I've tried every possible jet/choke/idle jet/emulsion/air corrector combination. Finnally installed an AFR which makes things easier. Car runs little rich below 3k

Currently playing with this setup

Air corrector 170

Choke 38

Aux venturi 5

Main jet 140

Emulsion tube f16

Idle jet f6 55

Aux pump 55

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Slow but steady... 


I'm actually prepping the shell to be media blasted.  I need to get this done so I can put her in the corner of the garage for winter so my Carrera will park inside when the snow falls.  I'll address an remaining rot that turns up after blasting and take it in for paint in the spring.

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Rey-  I was in Europe for a month so I have been AWOL myself. Just arranged with Tom Jones and John Barlow so I will be making the trip down to So Cal Vintage on the 20th. The TiLux will be fully road worthy by spring. Hope to see the new shop. You ready for visitors yet ?


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HI Joe,

We should be fully moved into the new place the end of November. Still have allot of prep and parts to move! This will be my last move (My second all together).

You are always welcome to stop in when you are in town.

Look forward to seeing you at the Socal Vintage meet!

Sounds like you will make one of the runs next year. That will be great to have all of us together blasting the hills in NKs! Hpefullly, we can keep up with Mario "JIm Huff" Andretti! He is fast!


The discussions o your car and what your plans are.. its gonna be real nice!

Dan E,

I know you will figure it out. Maybe Tom J can provide some advice there. Looks like you have a filter muffler in a jet intake that could be spoiling your under venturi setup ..but Im not sure... ;)


You coming down for the VIntage meet?


see you at the Bay Area 02 fest next year! I am hoping Jim can take us on another mountain run. THAT was a blast!

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