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  1. Found one. Thanks @repoman received, welded and painted! but @ketchup needs one!
  2. All 2002s have these as well! Should be the same bolts for the nk and still available!
  3. Will like to know as well! Need rubber to fill some 8” wheels!
  4. I have a 4.11 non LSD side loader diff if you care for that ratio! My early 68 1800 had the side loader diff.
  5. Maybe Joachim has a full set https://www.bts-autoteile.de/index.php/de/shop/1500-2000-cs2013-04-23-12-02-57/raeder-zubehoer2013-04-23-12-02-57/radkappe-1800-ti-detail
  6. Does anybody have one of these? Metal ring to hold the shift boot on an early car. need one for my current project! Thanks daniel
  7. I can attest that the Only02 or IE SHORTY headers work on early nks as well as late nks. The downpipe to center section might have to be tweaked a bit. At least with the 5sp it does on early subframe nks. I had to bend downwards the downpipe as it was hitting the 245 tranny! Pics from old 69 2000 Florida
  8. We had 3 1800s at the NK&K monthly meet today! Early 67’ Tampico matching numbers repainted June 64’ Derby matching numbers OG paint Nov 67’ Polaris matching block at home.
  9. 14x6 will be a TI/SA wheel! CS wheels are 5,5” early nk 4.5” late nk 5” ....
  10. @tisalover yes a 2000cc with cam and dual 40s. Dash is original not recovered as are the seats. I’m the 2nd owner. French car always garaged. Super faded Polaris-neu paint job! Still have the matching number engine
  11. @tisalover car is currently running the tisa steering wheel. Stock seats and the accessory underdash tray! I’ll owe you the engine bay pics. But basically I’m running dual Weber’s with tisa linkage and an open filter style ends 1800ti airbox. Lots of patina on this car. front 02 coilovers with Alfa GTV brembo aluminum brakes with vented e21 discs. coilovers are too short, so I’m at it’s highest setting and running the USA suspension spacer to raise the car a bit! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Thanks Peter! Will post a few more tomorrow!
  13. That longer piece goes between the taillights I believe!
  14. @mccusername mine was Bristol/Granada! the one you’re thinking of, it’s probably the Nevada/Malaga one. Turf, Atlantik will prolly look great on your car!
  15. @[email protected] if they were on Steve’s(Blunt) car then they’re the 6.5’s borranis!
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