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Reservoir To Brake Master Cylinder Grommets


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My brake reservoir to master cylinder grommets deteriorated and one of them started weeping brake fluid.


One of the originals is on the left in the two photos below.


I ordered replacements from Autohaus and received two of the one on the left.


The question is whether the new one is an acceptable substitute, an "upgraded" part, or not suitable as a replacement for the original.






Regards, Maurice.

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Thanks BLUNT and mlytle!  I have just now installed them and they appear to be secure and leakproof.


The originals did not have the larger head on top, but the replacements actually cover and shield a part of the brake master cylinder that was previously exposed.  A little Sil-Glide rubber grease between the bottom of the larger part of the grommet/seal and the top of the master cylinder should keep rust at bay.


Thanks again.


Regards, Maurice.

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