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Headlight Bucket Question - Unknown Knob


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First, my thanks to everyone who helped me out regarding my 'unadjustable' headlight buckets.  The PO had reversed them for some reason, and that's why I could never adjust them to point straight ahead. They were reverse cross-eyed.  Using your sage advice, I removed them, cleaned them up, painted them, installed them correctly, and now all is well!  I can't thank you 02ers enough!


Another question:: On the driver's side, behind the headlight bucket, there is a knurled knob on a bent threaded shaft that seemingly has no purpose.  I've attached a picture of it (see yellow arrow). Does anyone have an idea as to what it is or what it's supposed to do?  The passenger side does not have one; not sure if it's just missing from that side or if this thing is only supposed to be on the driver's side headlight.  Any help would be appreciated.


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