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Pertronix Install Question: Remove Dizzy Or Not?


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Hey everyone,


   I ordered a pertronix kit that got delivered while i was on vacation. I now have time to install it. I've watched some youtube videos, did a resistance test on the japanese-built 'diamond' coil (It's blue, and tested out above 3 ohms).


  I have a couple of questions....


1) Would it be easier to remove the dizzy from the car altogether, and install the pertronix unit while the dizzy is on the bench? 


2) Looking at the coil wiring, it looks like both POS and NEG wires go into a wiring harness. Once the pertronix is installed on the dizzy, can I run the POS and NEG wires straight to the unused blade terminals on the coil, and not bother w/ the bundled wiring harness?



    Attached is a pic of the coil terminals. Any info would be appreciated. Even though this install seems pretty simple,  I'm pretty much a wus, and some final advice/comments on this install would be great. Thanks...


    - Chris


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No you don't have to remove the dizzy to install the pertronix ..... And yes you can use the pos/neg post on the coil to give the pertronix power.

Once you remove the points and condenser you have a blank slate to work with...... Install the base plate with the sensor.....run the two wires thru the whole where the condenser use to be and then place the magnet on the shaft.... Be sure that the magnet is seated so you can get your rotor button to sit all the way down or it will hit the distributor cap.....now use the plastic gap tool to set the gap... Put the rotor button and your done.


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