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Searching 2002FAQ there is a fair amount of discussion on tii fuel pump options.  The critical info seems to be about 2 yrs. old and some of the links are not currently working.  I hope it's a good idea to "freshen the info" as of 2013.  Here is my summary (please correct me if I am wrong) and my questions:


Note: I am restoring my '73 tii and have owned it for 30yrs.  It sat in a warehouse for the past 20.  I have a brand new gas tank ready to go and the old one is not too bad if I need to use it for some reason.  


1) New and rebuilt pumps are available that are an exact match to the 40 yr. old fuel pump.  Because I want a reliable driver, not a garage queen, staying 100% original is not critical and I am open to conversion/upgrade/update options.


2) The conversion to a 5 series fuel pump has been done successfully by many people and the process is carefully detailed at www.my2002tii.com but routing the hoses to/from the pump may be a challenge due to limited space around the pump and the half shaft spinning very close to the fuel hoses.


3) Converting to an "in-tank" pump is a third option.  The recommendation I saw was for an E30 318i in-tank pump.  I guess some 318s have external pumps?  There was one mention of low fuel pressure from this pump: 28psi (vs. the required 29psi?).  


Price range for the three options seems to be from about $100 to $800 depending on where you buy and if you go generic electric pump vs. BMW new replacement for the original.



Personally I like #3 because the pump will not be exposed to the road or moving parts.  It seems like it must be newer technology and perhaps more reliable?  Anyone have experience with this conversion or thoughts in general?  Any links that I may have missed that directly address this question?


Thanks.  TR

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Bill - You beat me to it and here is a link I found:




Just an FYI for all of us "search challenged" FAQers.  I searched "Bill Williams" in the Forums section and had 718 results.  At page 14 I saw are reference to his write up in the construction zone so I searched there for "Bill".  14 results and Bingo I found it.


Thanks Bill and from my searches I must be the 500th person to say that to you!!



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I posted that in the FAQ Articles Construction Zone part of this old site. It took me awhile to find that section in the new site. It is in the Forums section, then to Forums and then to the FAQ Articles Construction Zone. Some of the photo links were broken, my fault for fiddling with Photobucket. I reconstructed what I could find.


Glad it is of some help to you. You are welcome.

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