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Can 74/later OR 320i Turnsig and Highbeam stalks fit my 73?

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turns/wipers on right in my 73 wont work for left turn unless

"jiggled" or held just so.

Left side stalk works most of time, but is "floppy"

Prices on new oem replacements for these are ridiculous.

Can later 74 switches fit/be adapted to my car?

One websight mentioned 320i switches as possible

conversions, but I thought layout is different?

Forum search gets me many pages on euro signals, but no

concrete answer re this question.

Anyone found/running a viable conversion for this issue?

Any info would be of help.

Thanks for your time.


Rick G

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it's a pain. Except for the dimmer/flasher function, the pre 74 functions are on the opposite sides of the steering column.

Thus you'll have to do some rewiring--identify all the wires for each stalk as to their function, then reposition them to mate with the sockets on the later stalks--and you'll need the sockets from the wiring harness ends so they'll plug into the sockets attached to the later stalks. And for the wipers, you'll have to move the speed control from the lower right knob to the steering column, requiring some jumper wires and instrument cluster removal

It's a lot easier to find good used stalks for your '73. The left side stalk (hi/lo/flash function) is the same on all roundies except for the knob on the end (easily swapped) and that earlier cars use individual wires vs a socket. But it would be easy to use the socket from your old stalk.

The right side stalk is unique to 72 and 73 cars, but still can be found used without too much problem. And I did a column some time ago on repairing those stalks; let me know if you want a copy.



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