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72 inka resurrection


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this is my 72 inka, my plans for the car are to stop the rust on the under side of the car, the inside of the car the trunk and the engine compartment.

then i plan to put the glass, wireing harness, dash, steering wheel and front seats in it. then, obviously put the drive train back in, and drive it starting this spring.

as for upgrages im going with billy sports, ie stage 2 springs, ie swaybar set.

all the bushings are getting replaced. i plan to restore the entire underside of the car so that it doesnt need to see the rotisserie for a long time, like hopefully another 40 years. ive got nearly everthing to do a total under carrige restoration.

then next winter i plan to rebuild the engine, nothing crazy. just the typical souped up setup for a street/daily, all the things required to cater to a 292 cam shaft.

after that i may get to the exterior body work.

it may stay gutted inside it may not, im not sure. it may get a roll cage it may not. ive decided to go back to school (2 years ago), and ive got 3 more to go till im done (if all goes well), so spare money is in short supply. fortunately ive been collecting my cars and parts for 13 years now. so i can finally get to doing something and getting something back on the road now.

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2 hrs later and still no real album with photosuckit i mean bucket.

i get that its a free program but holy cow im so frustrated with how much of a collosal disaster that site is. photobucket is worse than a bad hooker freezing in a siberian snowstorm. im pretty sure im about to give up on all of this.

i can think of so many other ways to spend my time. like doing nothing would be a better start.

homework would be better, and perhaps talking to my wife could come in 3rd (thats sarcasm, trying to make light of my irritation)

so i guess ill just have to resize my pictures and build this up some other time.

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Sorry you are having a bad time with your pictures.

Did you successfully create an account with Photobucket? They are undergoing beta testing of another version and you may have run into issues.

After creating a user account, create an album then upload your pictures.

I recommend making albums rather than putting everything into your generic album to make it easier to locate your pictures.

Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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im sure if photobucket is working on upgrading/dating thats likely what my problem was. so i went ahead and tried my farcebook account for a link and here it is.

ill get it into photobucket eventually. ive used it before and all was well, so ill use it again when the time is right.


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