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  1. I don't see how the door could cause this from replacing the door brake. I do believe that you have to align the hood correctly. Sounds like it is mounted too far toward the windscreen. It can be adjusted forward and back as well as it's height. It can be pretty tricky to get it correct. I just did a web search and found this PDF that was attached to an old faq post. Good luck. Hood installation and adjustment.pdf
  2. Like Jim, I took pictures, made a paper diagram of the terminals and numbered each of them. Then I numbered each wire with it's corresponding terminal so that I could ensure that they went back correctly. I did the same thing for the ignition switch. In one of the attached photos, you can see the wires with their designation numbers. Good luck.
  3. Get a Pertronix Ignitor kit for your distributor and never set points or have them go bad ever again. It's worth every penny (and it's not that much). Best of luck and keep the posts coming.
  4. I mounted the retractors under the parcel shelf using belts from an E30. I measured where they should go, cut the shelf and had the mounts reinforced so that they hold the belts if they’re ever needed.
  5. Miked2002

    It Begins

    I think what may be wrong with the stance of your car is that the springs are installed incorrectly. It reminds me of when I did the resto on my 73, we initially installed the rear springs on the front struts and the front springs on the rear. Once we installed them correctly, the car's stance sat nicely. I'd include picts but it seems you can't here without already having them on the site or by making a photo album elsewhere and linking to it... what a hassle. Best of luck with the restoration... looking great.
  6. My friend bought the iceac unit and loves it. Thanks for all of your replies.
  7. Hi AndyS, Thanks for the info. I'll pass it along. Mike
  8. Hi, I'm trying to help a friend who lives in the desert. He bought a 2002 and wants to add an air conditioner. Can anyone recommend a system? Is there a write up somewhere? Thanks, Mike
  9. I did the same thing that Jim did; replaced mine with the rebuilt arm & pin from Rob Torres at 2002Haus. It's perfect.
  10. So you you think they'll come out with a BMW walker with the 02 grille for those on the other side of life's spectrum?
  11. Your fan is backwards. Go with the BNR alternator. They're very well built and those guys are very knowledgable and helpful. Here's a photo of my fan.
  12. I got an 85A alternator for my tii from these guys on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-85Amp-Alternator-2002-1600-1800-2000-1966-1976-Generator-/350747794211?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3ABMW%7CModel%3A2002&hash=item51aa329b23&vxp=mtr Their alternator is superb and their customer service is excellent. I have no affiliation with them other than purchasing from them. Best of luck to you,
  13. Doesn't look like a bulkhead cutout, not in the right place. Looks like a dent to me.
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