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Various Parts for sale in central IL - for 76 2002s

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Guest Anonymous

OK, I'm sorry about the disjointed nature of my posts, but the situation is I have been away from the 2002 world for a while and don't have a price reference as yet. I've looked at Maximillian and prices seem higher on some and lower on others than I expected.

It's compounded by the fact I'm not at the location where the parts are, and don't have pictures of everything yet.

Anyway, off the top of my head I can think of some of the parts I have that someone might need. If you are interested in anything, let me know and I'll get pictures and prices. I was on here years ago, but not for a while. I'm not up on the rules, but I didn't think you could just take offers. If this ad violates the rules, I apologize, please take it down - no harm intended.

I love the cars and had plans to finish one of the 76s "I like big bumps and I cannot lie. Those early Bimmers can't deny....." but life happens and my dreams aren't going to be realized, so I want someone else to get what they might need.

The things I can think of are:

E12 head, resurfaced and inspected, but bare. Not sure about timing cover. Don't think guides were replaced - not sure.

14" "bottlecap" ( I think) wheels from 318i. VGC

NOS Ball Joints and wishbone bushings (not sure right now if BMW or aftermarket)

NOS almost complete upper trim kit (BMW)

Heater box with new (BMW) electric motor and good cables

Decent tail lights

Good hood (listed on ebay)

Behr A/C panel with (I think) evaporator. Side panels poor.

NOS door seal (not sure which side yet) (BMW)

NOS one side of front grill (Not sure which side) (BMW)

Factory parts book (Basically new)

Factory repair manual (Basically new)

Owners manual in fair condition.

Various other books

NOS Rocker Panel - drivers side (I think) (BMW)

Bumpers in good condition

Well running (73?) motor when taken out of parts car (non-smoking) (Sitting for 15 yrs)

Other various parts, mostly used.

Possibly a set of 320is Recaros needing recovering

OK, if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free. I just wanted to offer here before ebay on parts I thought might hold interest. Any suggestions on a vendor to reference for pricing would be welcome. I want to be fair, but not giving stuff away.

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