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  1. I'd like the red center tail light, the two chrome rings for the tail lights, and the shift knob (assuming it's a screw on type)
  2. I just need one strap, not the receiver, the male section.
  3. first step- take tons of photos and videos before you do anything else. second step= determine your end goal third- get organized for tear down- get your bins, ziplocks and sharpie fourth- find more space and get a lift! enjoy
  4. Just sold the 1600 on BaT, exactly 8 years after I started this thread. It's going to MN where it will be a surprise bday gift for his wife. Sad to see it go but happy it's going to good home. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-bmw-1600-11/
  5. Paul is selling nice material but it's not the same if you need the early style with the heat seams
  6. I have one in so cal with working motor and valve
  7. thanks Rich your pay it forward pricing is awesome...I listed a few other parts i need in a second message. THANKS!
  8. also could use a good gas cap, the two dash end caps for early car (in the pic of the glove box), one vinyl front cover of the glove box, and the two bumperettes/bumper horns.
  9. hi Rich- i need some hubcaps (if they are nice), the ignition switch (I see one in the photo of the glove box, and the mechanic fuel pump. Mike
  10. I'll take that deal. I have several sets of bumperettes for both types...with and without rubber strips. call me- 714-402-2609 for pics etc.
  11. okay, makes sense. Thought it might be a win win situation if you didn't need the slats. I have about half of them, and need to complete the set.
  12. @RFord888if you don't need the slats for the grills, sell them to me and ask Jae not to ship them to you. Mike so cal
  13. Looking for the early front bumperettes (maybe euro?) to replace my larger ones. Like the ones in this photo.
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