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scored some dual 40 webers


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What everyone's talking about is the pattern of drilling under the

red- circled brass plugs.

It takes 30 seconds to pull these on both carbs and confirm that they're

the same, or similar.

If they are, then you're good to proceed. If they're way different,

you'll probably be fighting an unevenness at light throttle cruising.

But they MIGHT work ok. Just not exactly the same.

The other thing to look at is to make sure the threads on the yellow

circled idle screws is the same thread on all 4 barrels. If you have

2 fine thread and 2 coarser thread, you'll have to compensate when setting

the idle. Not a problem- IF you spot it beforehand!

Nice score.


Are you speaking of the progression holes? These are the tiny drilled holes you see when you open the butterflys? If so both carbs look identical. In fact everythign about the both is identical except the covers as far as I have been able to determine. Both are set up exactly the same and ran real well on the car for years..in fact the car was driven by a 17 year old girl as her DD for highschool (she has a very cool dad)

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The only recommendation I might add, to some already pretty good advice is as follows:

The commonly used DCOE15/16 carbs lack the "perfect" progression hole layout of the original Alpina DCOE carbs (which were 45s BTW) ...the ones you'll see listed in all those "factory / suggested tuning" graphs in the books. Because of this, I've found that installing larger idle jets eliminates COMPLETELY that bullshit "off idle stumble" many sidedraft Weber cars suffer. I was running idles as large as 65f8 +/- on my last Webered motor. It was as smooth as fuel injection - but took hours of careful tuning to get it there. No plug fouling at idle, but it took patience and methodical tweaking over the course of many weeks. It was my daily driver for YEARS with that set-up.

Local 02 with freshly rebuild DCOEs from last summer:

Quality linkage is CRUCIAL also. I love the top mount kit offered by Pierce Manifolds. Worth every red cent of that $130 price tag.

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