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  1. the caravan infinity zero gravity chair exhibit was fantastic.
  2. incredible,and to think formula E is on tv right now:(
  3. great job if you participated,looked like 50 plus 02s
  4. ndog


    hope to watch you guys at the navy base in san diego soon
  5. I know this is old,but talk about 2 standup guys
  6. b(OOOOOOOO)nkers i need this for my 405 commute
  7. ndog

    A/C components

    haaaaa,,,,^ harry potter^..... (senden compressor new,hobie dave bracket and pulleys,frigiking center) call for photo's mr scott
  8. what is a fair price to ask for all the components? (new compressor).btw
  9. ty all,,,,,,, when the rain stops i will check
  10. my brake peddle requires way more force than I think it should.I have no leaks,and the front and rear pads are new. I have no leaks on the manifold connections,is their a way to check the booster??? ty al happy holidays
  11. so much fun 2 ring out a 2002 (safe ) makes a shit ass week wash right off
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