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Opinion on price: 1976 2002 (SD CL)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I drove this car a few weeks ago and thought it was great but overpriced but I wanted to get your opinions of a good price for this car.


Mechanical Issues:

brakes - pulled to the right under hard braking

springs - seemed to sit a bit low so they might be tired but it might be the tire issue (see below)

muffler - hole in bottom, needs replaced

windshield washer motor - wipers were v e r y slow but was dry so it might get better during rain, but maybe not & will need rebuilt

tire & fender repair - tires appear to be oversized and front right rubs fender when turning near full-lock

carb/idle issue - car died 5x during test drive. happened once it warmed up so probably carb issue? would like opinions on this one.

AC car but doesn't blow cold.

Has passed smog in past (current CA tags) but recently failed

Cosmetic Issues:

rust - bubbles at bottom of both doors, under rear seat, lip under hood. all 4 towers are good (trim is good).

dented hood - looks like someone sat on it and dented it slightly

headliner - repaired holes, etc.

1 crack in dashboard

driver seat was repaired a while ago, just the bottom - not matching material

ok paint - seems about 5 years old. driver level paint.

the rest of interior is in good original condition but nothing has been replaced

Other than the stalling issues this car dove very well.

thanks in advance

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I've been watching this car since it went on CL at $10K+. He's had it on eBay and it didn't reach the reserve. Now back on CL at the $8,300 asking price. Your inspection uncovered some typical issues, but the failed smog could be the carb problem or something much larger. For $8,300, I would insist on a smog certificate which should be the responsibility of the seller.

The car looks real nice in pictures, but after the details of the inspection, I would offer somewhere between $6-7K as is. I sold my 1975 in comparable condition for $6500 and felt it was fairly priced for the market. If this one was a 75, I would be a buyer at that price.

Good luck,



1970 BMW 1600 (Nevada)



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The fact that it failed smog would scare me. Even if the seller can get it to pass for the sale, you're looking at having to deal with that as long as you have the car. Then if you want to sell it, smog becomes your headache unless you sell it out of state.

And even then, you are limited in the modifications you can make. If you like a stock car, that's not an issue, but it's a consideration for a lot of people.


1972 2002 - 2577652 Follow the fun

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This is the only valid CA plate that came up: 3GLJ408

License Plate VIN (Vehicle ID Number)

License or VIN:

Vehicle Information

Test Only Directed Status Program Area

NO Enhanced

Number of Tests Found = 6

Test Records

Make Model Year Date / Time Pass / Fail Certificate

BMW 2002 1976 10/23/2003 10:58 a.m. P FE031762C

BMW 2002 1976 10/23/2003 10:42 a.m. F

ACURA INTEGRA 1989 04/05/2001 04:50 p.m. P ED928005C

ACURA INTEGRA 1989 08/09/2000 10:29 a.m. P DX387208C

ACURA INTEGRA 1989 04/28/2000 11:13 a.m. P DU455154C

ACURA INTEGRA 1989 11/24/1999 05:48 p.m. P DP992088C

Looks like it hasn't passed since 2003, which means it was due for one in 2005. Not sure why the plate was switched.

Although a 1976 is tempting, I would stay away if you are planning on living in CA. It can be a PITA. That's why my cars are either diesel, prior to 1998, or gas prior to 1976. Luckily, I will have a few cars that I like to choose from!

1974 2002 Verona & 1973 2002 Riviera

1982 320iA & 1983 320iS
2002 Ford Excursion Limited 4x4 7.3L PSD Wife's

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