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  1. It appears that it is for two sets, although the Number of pieces: 6...would make for great garage art.....
  2. Here's an even funnier flashback from 1984! Me with my first 1976 2002 that I purchased in 1983 for $5000 with 89k on it, from the original owner in Diamond Bar. Notice the period correct Guess jeans....
  3. I need a hood and left front fender.  I can stop by tomorrow to look at these parts, if you can provide me a price.  Thank you


    Craig 714-651-6006

  4. Here's Bill's restored one from the socal vintage last weekend...sorry if I stole your thunder, Bill!!
  5. I had one...at least the shell and engine.....VIN # 2781879 You can only tell the original color by the dash mount, trans tunnel and doors.....as Steve pointed this one out in his post previously...
  6. Name: Repoman Category: BMW '02s Date Added: 2019-10-27 Submitter: repoman Repoman
  7. Has anyone successfully repaired/straightened their early bumper side mounts without damaging the chrome? If so, how? Please share...vice, series of clamps, plastic mallet, custom hardwood block???? youtube video? Or is this best to take to a body shop? TIA
  8. Name: BMW 2002 Category: BMW '02s Date Added: 2019-10-13 Submitter: repoman BMW 2002
  9. Tried to send you message on front bumpers but it says you cannot receive messages

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. repoman


      I'm in Brea.  You can stop by today between 2:30 and 6pm or after 9:15pm.  Thanks




    3. repoman


      added some pics...let me know....thanks

    4. vro11


      I can come by on Sat. I'll send you a PM

  10. I've done a search on the discussion board for "2588521", however, only this thread pops up. I wish the bmw2002registry was still up and running. Would be interesting to see if that VIN# is still around or if the owner is on the faq.......
  11. Andreas Reply: Thank you for your reply. The VIN 2588521 was issued to another BMW 2002 US, painted in Riviera and delivered to Hoffman too. I've seen crossed-out VINs before, mostly done later by the vehicle's owners but a few obviously original and done at the factory. It's certainly rare but happened even in the 1980's sometimes. The numbers were stamped by hand so if the person doing this is still a bit asleep for example, it can happen. Yours sincerely, Andreas Harz BMW Group Andreas Harz Archiv, Sammlung, Classic Brand Management AK-50 Historischer Informationsdienst Moosacher Str. 66 80809 München
  12. Update: Andreas, Can you please provide me with any information on my 1973 2002 Vin #2588512? Also Vin #2588521, as that Vin# was crossed out at the factory (see picture provided). Thank you! Response: Thank you for your email. The BMW 2002 US VIN 2588512 was manufactured on February 9th, 1973 and delivered on February 20th, 1973 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Riviera, paint code 036. The number on the chassis looks indeed like it has been crossed out at the factory, especially since the numbers on the manufacturer's plate and the engine look original too. We hope this information is helpful for you. Yours sincerely, Andreas Harz My reply: Thank you Andreas! Do you happen to know if VIN#2588521 was ever reissued to another vehicle at the factory? I will keep you updated as soon as possible.....
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