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  1. Bump for Labor Day price reduction.....$160 shipped......
  2. Thermal Exhaust Manifold (Exhaust Gas Reactor). BMW OEM Part no#11751261566. Includes the no return valve as pictured. Very good condition. Paypal accepted. Willing to ship at buyers expense. $160 obo
  3. Early E21 hubs for sale. To be used with tii strut housings (not included). Price includes shipping to the continental US via USPS priority flat rate padded envelope. Paypal accepted
  4. Hello,  how much would it be to ship the two side grilles to US 92821?  Thanks, Craig

    1. bigfoot


      I can ship them for $30.

  5. Had some vaping done...shout out to Steve @ Parts Reborn
  6. 1984 E30 318i manifold, fuel rail, injectors, coolant divider, throttle body & throttle sensor. Cylinder head is sold separately for $150. It has a crack (see last pic), which will need to be welded. paypal via F&F or cash on pick up. Willing to ship via FedEx or Greyhound Express at buyers expense
  7. Early E21 hubs for sale. To be used with tii strut housings (not included). Price includes shipping via USPS priority medium flat rate box. Paypal accepted
  8. VIN# 1560270...appears to have been originally Sahara...originally purchased in Alhambra, CA
  9. Thanks to Matt @ Ronin for being a rebel and allowing my ‘74 to get the wheel package finished!!
  10. Thanks for confirming! I was about to throw the pump away as it did not appear to work, so I thought, why not just take it apart and see what's going on inside? The motor was strong and it was just that the plastic "gear" had broken off the shaft. I plan on using epoxy to glue it back on.... I know there are different version of this VDO pump, as I have another one that has a metal "gear" that has rusted away. I think there was a thread many years ago where someone had repaired theirs..... Next to clean the spray nozzles!!!! I want to be able to wash my car with this!!
  11. Cleaning the old pump and am wondering if I need to grease any of the parts shown in the pics. It did not appear that there was any old grease, just some corrosion to clean out. It seems like the washer fluid may pass thru most of this and mix with the grease, if I apply. Thank you in advance!
  12. It appears that it is for two sets, although the Number of pieces: 6...would make for great garage art.....
  13. Here's an even funnier flashback from 1984! Me with my first 1976 2002 that I purchased in 1983 for $5000 with 89k on it, from the original owner in Diamond Bar. Notice the period correct Guess jeans....
  14. I need a hood and left front fender.  I can stop by tomorrow to look at these parts, if you can provide me a price.  Thank you


    Craig 714-651-6006

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