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Weber 32/36 tuning help

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So i finally got my 2002 up and running since i bought it! what a great feeling! anyways today i was messing around with the idle speed screw and idle mixture screw and i couldnt get the car to idle at 700-900rpm :( i tuned the mixture screw to the best point, then when i would adjust the speed screw to lower the rpm it would get really rough and almost die. If i had the speed screw where it stayed alive then it would idle at 1600rpm. anyone know what im doing wrong? or should i just stay out of this part of the restore and have a shop do it for me? thanks for the help!

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Look for vacuum leaks around the carb, manifold and gaskets. Check the capsule on your distributor by detaching the pipe from the carb and suck on it to see if it holds a vacuum

Have you done the rest of the tune up? Need to set points (with a dwell meter), set timing and then tune the carb. It might be a good idea to set the valve clearance if you cant remember when it was last done.

You will struggle to get it right otherwise.

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yes - listen to Down Under

start with knowing that the valves are adjusted correctly

COLD 0.006"

ignition timing set with a timing light

"Ball" on flywheel aligned in inspection

hole at 1500 rpm - vacum hoses removed

from distributor diaphram while checking

no light? then STOP there. Do Not move foward.

now you have set timing using a timing light.

if the carb is not molested, and this carb did

adjust properly once apon a time? Then your

idle and idle-mixture adjustment should now

work this of course is assuming the motor has

good even compression readings, no intake

vacuum leaks, a FULL tank of NEW gasoline,

and twenty other things that could be wrong

that we don''t know and you haven''t told us ?'

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