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Rear seal install advice

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I'm looking to get some info on proper installation method for the rear seal (1971 2002 M10). I've searched and found posts with pictures that show it's orientation in the bracket, so I'm clear on that. I just need some guidance on how to actually put it in the bracket. Does it need any RTV/sealant? Should I wipe a thin smear of oil around the edge and just press it in? Should it go all the way in until it seats against the bracket? I've read a few posts that seem to indicate you should try to position it so that it doesn't ride in the exact same place as the previous one. Is this the case?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. Since this was the reason for pulling the motor in the first place (rear seal was leaking badly), I sure do want to make sure I get this right.

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Guest Anonymous

no gasket sealer, just a thin coat of oil on the mating surface. Tap it in evenly, without bending or kinking it. If there is a groove in the crankshaft from wear, try to position it elsewhere. Otherwise don't worry about it. Make sure the spring inside the seal stays put.

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Proceed carefully. It's a VERY tight fit. I use RTV between the seal and

the aluminum housing, not as a sealant, but as a lube!

It's better the rope seal on the R16, but it's not trivial.


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