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1972 2002 in VA


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I've had a change of plans. I was going to keep this car and build it but instead I'm going to keep my '74 and tidy it up.

This is a great little car and everything is there. I even have a damn nice re-chromed front bumper for it. I also have the other 2 hub caps for it.The interior is pretty darn nice as well as the door cards. I believe it came from the west coast (still have the old CA blue plate that I pulled off of it).

The only rust it has is what's in the pictures.(2 spots on driver fender edge at door, hole at very bottom of driver fender where it's next to sill, spot on bottom of front pan) Rails, floor, sills, spare well, and 1/4 panels are dry as a bone! It really is a damn nice car.

"Bad part": I can't get her to start! It does look as though she has gotten coolant in the crankcase as the dip stick end looks like coffee with cream. I have a '74 parts car with a motor in it that I might be able to throw in with her.

I think it would be a darn good start for a restoration or hot rod!

$3000 and she's aaaaaaall yours!






Nuova Strada


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Yep it came from Clifton and that's the car and It was NOT free I can assure you!

Do you have any interest in the car or just pointing out where it came from.

If you are interested in what cars were free from Clifton it was an MG, a 633csi, an early 2002 parts car, a '74 2002 parts car and a Bavaria.

Nuova Strada


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Didn't you get the "free" Bavaria? And isn't the asking price here close, or exactly what you paid for 3 cars in Clifton?

No I didn't get a free Bavaria - I know who did. And no, I did not get 3 cars for $3000. (You're short by a couple thousand. Not that it's any of your f'ing business...)

What else would you like to know. Are you interested in the car? Interested in who I bought them from? Interested in how I got it home? You must have some interest. Maybe you're just making an erroneous comment born from speculation, assumption and shear ignorance - an inane comment that really isn't insightful or constructive to give yourself something to do?

Nuova Strada


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