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Who wants pig cheek flares?

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let me start buy( I mean by..lol) saying Ive been a pig cheek guy forever..... I have rears already on my car and a set of frts waiting to go on.....Im holding off on the frts, as I may get new/better fronts made.

Trying to source such flares can be daunting, as the fit and finish varies so much from vendor to vendor..and the styles can vary.

There are several sources in US/Europe. There are even sources from smaller vendors here on the faq.

Prices seem to range from about 200 per fender, on up.

Im interested in only getting the frt fenders made at this point...not the rrs. I will do the style that has the "cut out". This style is sold by Cahsel, and Korman, among others.

Price to have the fenders made is appealling...its the mold costs thaT are hard to swallow.

who would have real interest if the fender cost is 180 per fender?...shipping extra of course

Im looking for at least an interest of 8 sets to start..

this would be frt style:



if u have any ?'s about reaRS just ask me.....I can advise...I chose IE reARS...


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Some answers......not all:

the fenders will be "hand lay'd"

the initial price offered is for chopped FG. To say , as Lee did, "cheap chopped FG"..it is cheaper yes...but its not the cheap crap you might see in an amusement park.

Woven cloth matt is avail...it is lighter and stronger...and that would add 25.00 to EACH fender.

Ill try to answer all questions asap.......

how wide?..Ill get some measurements....but we run 8 inch wheels on similiar fenders....et neg 12.

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Hi Joel I didn't "cheap chopped FG" in a disrespectfull way BTW ;-) I think that for $25 extra, using woven fabric remains a good deal. Can't wait to see the first unit. If the mold isn't yet done, do not hesitate to make the flare wide, with a rounded lip for strength.

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I just didnt want other folks to read " cheap chopped fg"( which is what you wrote) and be turned off. It doesnt sound very good...does it?...

It is cheaper, yes....but it is widely used, even in the boating world....and can be done very well w/ strength etc....

and altho woven is lighter, the fenders are quite light either way.

But u r correct, an extra $25 may be worth it to some.

The molds are not made yet. The molds are costly.....so we really need some committed buyers here...We will only move ahead if deposits are given. ..$100 per set.

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