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  1. Hello guys, recently I have acquired a newer m10 1.8 out of a e21 to replace my blown m10. So far I have the donor engine stripped to the long block ready for the manifold from the blown m10 to go on. If anybody is available to help remove the engine please either pm or text me @ 347-585-eight9one7 Thanks
  2. So just picked up a 1982 320i engine to swap into my 2002 with a blown engine. Couple of questions There is a oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold, will I be able to use this for a wideband 02 analog display? Reading a few other threads it seems like I would have to swap the pulley as the one in the 320i is too deep as well as the alternator. And I am going to have to use the 320i distributer as this one spins opposite of the e21 head one?
  3. Engine and tranny still available? Contact me @ 347 - 5eight5 - eight91seven
  4. I'm in need of an engine. Located in NYC. Text me or call me @ 347-585-eight9one7
  5. can you email me @ louliharevic at aol.com or text me @ 347-5eight5-8nine1seven Very intersted
  6. Hey I would like to purchase this radiator. Can you please text 347-585-9nine1seven. I would need it shipped to NYC.
  7. A little RTV will cure your problem. Reuse your old gasket but put a thin layer of RTV on the metal surface.
  8. I had the some problem. Hole in the exhaust right above the shifter. Only happened on downshifts and it would fill with blue smoke. Put it up in the air with the car running and run your hand over the exhaust around the area. Wherever you feel exhaust on your hand thats where the leak is. I had the resonator removed and a new section after the collector welded in. wine was leaking right by where the exhaust clamp is that clamps to the tranny.
  9. Looking for a thule fairing. Pm me Location: Staten Island
  10. Reviving an old thread. Napes, did you ever do the conversion? I was thinking about getting a e30m3 starter from autozone because they offer a lifetime warranty. My 02 is an automatic and was just wondering if you ever installed one.
  11. +1 on the earthquake. It is great albeit a bit heavy but will remove the jesus nuts with ease and I was only using a tint pancake compressor.
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