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  1. Could it be that the engine/tranny combo is not properly aligned vertically? Rear seems too low or front too high. Was the car converted to 5-speed?
  2. To make things more complicated... Neue Klasse1800Ti and 2000Ti struts also have that 3.5" mounting distance, but the geometry of the strut is not the same as for a 2002 Ti or Tii... Oups. It has been mentioned already. Sorry. I too was thinking of Roy Hopkin's glitch a decade ago...
  3. S14 and tranny here. Still way too much. $18.5k https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/pts/d/los-angeles-bmw-s14-engine-transmission/7044867922.html $12.5k https://newjersey.craigslist.org/pts/d/metuchen-bmw-e30-m3-s14-engine-and/7020821478.html It seems that I once bought two very nice S14 for $2.5k each from a reputable shop with trannies going for $300...
  4. Yes, it was mentioned, using e21 vented rotors and Superlite calipers with the correct width and piston size is the 30 year old trick for a Tii. Not working on a standard 2002 as the bolt spacing is different on the struts. Only needing the enlarge the mounting holes on the calipers. If my memory serves me well, centering is not much off. Massive (actually it is me) now sells brake kits ONLY as installation kits. No rotors or caliper supplied. For the 2002, kit is 300x32mm and floating. It requires 11.75"x1.25" rotors with 8x7" mounting available from Wilwood, Hawk, AP Racing, Coleman and many others. Calipers must be suitable with a 1.25" thick rotor. What the installation kit includes is 2x black anodized hats w/ setscrew location 16x stainless steel drive-pins and teflon seals 2x stainless steel caliper mounts 2x 1/8npt-to-10mmx1 90° hydraulic fittings 2x OEM setscrews All related fasteners.
  5. Hi Yes, Massive has a website and it is outdated by a whopping 5 years ( www.massivebrakes.com ). But you still get a good idea of what I do. For more up-to-date info, prices and parts selection, the Facebook page is more accurate. https://www.facebook.com/Massive-Brakes-178417442267056/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Thanks Lee PS The twin MC booster delete kit is 4.5" wide at its widest area... As you can see from the drawing I posted, there's also a version where both MCs are positioned on top of each other for even more clearance.
  6. If one needs more clearance for sidedrafts, or want to replace a failed brake booster, I offer a twin MC booster delete kit that is compatible with the 2002 bolt pattern as the kit was initially designed for the e30 chassis, and it shares the same mounting bolt pattern. It can be set-up for 6:1 and 7:1 pedal ratios. Latest version as fitted to an e46 brake tower
  7. I have throttle bodies and fuel rail if needed. 😉 Intake gasket included.
  8. Nice VW Trophies. Those have a 4 x 8mm bolt pattern, right? 😉
  9. Once you have mounted your Recaros, please don't hesitate to post pictures. 😉
  10. Hi everyone Production indeed had started by August 22nd and all kits were shipped yesterday, September 24th. Production was basically four weeks. I hoped I could have done it in three. But, oh well. Sometimes small jobs get pushed by bigger ones. 😉 Everyone shall receive their parts by early next week. I made 4 extra sets (four cars / 8 seats) and they are available at the regular price of 180$cad (roughly $135usd) + 30$cad shipping. Steve at Bluntech will most likely have a few sets fo sale too. Purchase Steve's first. Then when he's out of adapters, contact me. 😉 These adapter fit all bolt patterns found on Recaro seats. 4 x 6mm mounting 6 x 6mm mounting 4 x 8mm old style mounting (VW seats most of the times - Trophy) 4 x 8mm new style (longer distance between mounting points). All required fasteners included and they are zinc plated and grade 12.9 Thanks all for participating to Clinton's group buy
  11. Hey Steve. 1.6 engines were not US models. So, seeing that you are in NY, probabilities that it is a 1.6 are pretty slim. That being said, if you really want to know the whole truth, simply take the engine apart and measure. No big deal, especially that these motors are not worth much these days.
  12. The engine in the picture is clearly a 1.8l late e21 motor with the dreaded K-Jectronic injection.
  13. The car is only missing those mirrors, Mark 😉 I bought some Vitalonis 10 years ago, as well as those with the swivel pods. Much easier to instal with pods. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113417640654
  14. I used to have TWM TBs and SDS fuel and spark management two decades ago. They worked well. 😉
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