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  1. Hey Steve. 1.6 engines were not US models. So, seeing that you are in NY, probabilities that it is a 1.6 are pretty slim. That being said, if you really want to know the whole truth, simply take the engine apart and measure. No big deal, especially that these motors are not worth much these days.
  2. The engine in the picture is clearly a 1.8l late e21 motor with the dreaded K-Jectronic injection.
  3. The car is only missing those mirrors, Mark 😉 I bought some Vitalonis 10 years ago, as well as those with the swivel pods. Much easier to instal with pods. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113417640654
  4. I used to have TWM TBs and SDS fuel and spark management two decades ago. They worked well. 😉
  5. Here. "suction device with pump" https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=1733-USA-07-1982-E21-BMW-320i&diagId=16_0007
  6. Bought mine too in the early 90s for around $500 from Bavauto I think. They are stainless steel and will turn to a nice yellow. Back in the days, they had a design problem which I believe was never solved. The collector touches the idler arm bolt. Not a biggie. Just grind the bolt and the nut.
  7. Confirming that the production is going on. Also confirming that the adapters will fit these three bolt patterns. 6mm / 6 bolts - 261mm distance with third hole 25mm in between 8mm / 4 bolts - 261mm distance 8mm / 4 bolts - 297mm distance - New style seats. There will be a left and right mount. All mounts will be shipped in raw form but with all countersunks done (8 countersunks per adapter). Mounts can be "buffed and textured" with a 3M pad. Painted over. Or polished. Thanks Lee
  8. Hi there. There are half a dozen 2002 afficionados that I know of around Montreal. Even one who ended buying with my ex-1974 Chamonix white that I had 27 years ago. The days of Roadfly.org, European Car magazine and Bavarian Rennsport. ;-) https://www.montrealracing.com/forums/showthread.php?908510-Not-Another-2002-Project-Ernests-1974-build
  9. Hi everyone. It is my understanding that the GB is now closed. I have already put 30 sets in production, which reflects the exact number of orders. There will be no left overs. As soon as parts are ready, I will post pictures of parts ready to ship to Mike. Thanks very much for supporting this GB. Lee
  10. Hi everyone First, thanks for being part of the GB. Mike posted a link from Massive's website showing the Recaro adapters. It is an old link for a product that I no longer stock. And that I don't want to stock. I use the shelf space for other products. This GB is the only way to get ahold of the Recaro adapters. Just like the M2 group buy was the only way to get a custom oil pan. I understand that Mike has left until tomorrow morning to send the deposits. If you want a set of Recaro adapters, then don't miss his deadline. After that, I will put in production the exact number of sets ordered. There will be no leftovers. And you still won't be able to get directly from me. I would hate if some people got disappointed. ;-) Lee
  11. If these seats are Recaro L series, the answer is yes. In fact, these adapters fit ALL four bolts (M8) and all 6 bolts (M6) bottom-mounted Recaro seats. Adapter kits come wit both standards of fasteners. M8 and M6.
  12. Hi everybody Those of us who followed the GB in December for thirteen M2 custom oil pans will have noticed it has gone pretty smoothly. Sure, there has been a one-week delay in production as it was a complex process, but as some people had waited a whole year for the GB to actually happen (not that many M2s on this planet), what is another week? Production on those Recaro adapters is expected to be two to three weeks from the moments all deposits are received. Kits will include twenty M6 countersunk bolts, eight M8 countersunk bolts and eight M6 Nylocks. The installation process is as simple as unbolting the old seats, bolting the adapters to the bottom of your Recaro seats, and bolting the assembly onto the OEM sliders... No biggie. ;-) Mike and I will be as effective as can be so that everyone gets their parts in the shortest possible time. Thanks everyone Lee

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