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  1. Hey JohnS that's great news!!! Thanks for the info.
  2. Since #23 is no longer available, can #22 be used instead. What exactly is the difference between the two side by side? I just received a brand new #22 and I was just wondering if I could buy another one and use it for the other control.
  3. What is the difference between #22 & #23 in the diagram.
  4. What is the difference between #22 & #23 in the diagram.
  5. I am searching for a good, usable set if brake calipers (1600/2002). They must be in working order. Thanks
  6. Tommy: thanks tommy, that's exactly what I was after. Toby: let us all know how it turns out.
  7. Sorry I wasn't very clear. I want disc brakes. 323i I've read is the go to trailing arms but they are difficult to come by. I currently have access to E30 320i complete trailing arms so I would like to know if these require the same mods to make them work as the E21 323i trailing arms or do they just require way too much fabrication.
  8. I know I know I did a search already but couldn't find what I need. I know everyone says use trailing arms out of a e21 323 but what about e30 trailing arms. What are the differences and benefits of either. I am not worried about the welding part of the spring/shock mounts. Thanks in advance.
  9. tito559

    No Access

    I am posting here because for some reason I have no access to the discussion board. Every time I log in and attempt to browse different pages, (Ex: Home->Discussion Board) I am told "Sorry, you don't have permission..." Is the server down or is it just me? Thanks in advance!
  10. Update: Items gone are windshield, hood, distributor and Frigiking. Thanks guys!
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