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Question for Those Who Know Air Compressors


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Ok, I have an 80 Gallon 5 hp V-Twin Compressor that I am using for media blasting Lola, I have 3 water traps (2 Lowes version at the compressor and one at the Eastwood Blaster). I am trying to be very concious of kepping the water vapor at a minimum so not to get the media clogged up, but after 3 times of cleaning the fitting, I don't know if I am missing something.

The weather here (Dallas) has been pretty cold so I don't know it's the drastic cool down from the compressor to the outside air is causing the increase moisture as oppose to having warmer weather.

The Lowes water catchers, can I put in descandant (sp) in them to help with the drying process?

Any tricks of the trade from the "Pros" regarding air.

Muchas Gracias in Advance!!


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Having designed dry compressed air systems for instrument air, here is my line of trivia. Air leaving the compressor is hot and humid. Compressing the air raises the dewpoint. First run it thru an aftercooler, then trap out the concensate. Then run it thru a drier as others have done and finally thru an afterfilter.

Instrument air systems use air with -40F dewpoint. In Canada, -50F dewpoint air is used.

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A common moisture trap provides a low spot for water to collect but it's designed to collect droplets of water not water vapor so if the air is hot it will carry moisture through and then the water vapor will condense in the hose. The trick is to cool the air before it gets to the moisture trap because if it cools after the trap, more moisture will condense out. In a body shop they will usually use refrigerated air dryers to cool the air and remove the moisture. It is important to have the moisture trap mounted at the end of the line as far from the compressor and as close to the tool as possible.

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