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  1. Hi I need to buy:


    a) Red Jewel tip for a 2002 1974, identical to your second picture

    b ) Yellow euro plastic turn signal - left


    Please let me know prices and availability

  2. To all of you concerned fellow 02ers. I will spare you the details regarding my family crisis. contact me directly through email and I will continue to work towards order fulfillment - particularly the person who is out $500, seeing as VERY few people have ever paid in advance, I look forward to a discussion with him/her. As I've stated before, my intent is not to cheat anyone. I fully expect to get caught up in the near future . Again, contact me directly and we can take care of your issues.
  3. Anodized aluminum that has become dull or cloudy is difficult, if not impossible, to get looking new again. The coating can be removed by soaking the piece in a product called Greased Lightning, a spray cleaner that can be found at Lowe's or Home Depot. Make some type of reservoir to hold the piece and let it soak over night. This will not damage the aluminum. The result will be a surface that can be fine sanded (800 - 2000 grit) followed by a quality aluminum polish. The result will be a chrome-like finish. This method also works with beltline trim. I made a soaking container out of a piece of pvc pipe, capped and glued at one end. If you don't mind investing some time, the effort is well worth it.
  4. OK guys. Here's what's up. My family has been in upheaval for months due to an injury to my wife that has evolved into a life-threatening condition. This has taken an immense toll on us. Countless doctors' appointments, medication trials, financial challenges, emotional distress for our daughter who worries every day that she may lose her mom at age 17. I have no intention of stiffing anybody. I have been picking away at orders and will accept no new ones until I am caught up. The guy who referred to a "friend" who was out hundreds of dollars of parts is simply not accurate. People who have ordered from me know that I accept no payment until the buyer receives their order. I have made a few trades for parts, such as the tool bag for a set of lenses. Again, I am doing the best I can given the circumstances. I don't need FB reminders to remember what's going on. Bear with me. Each of you will receive your orders. Inquiries may be directed to me through this board and I will address them. Flames and attacks will be ignored. Thank you for your compassion and understanding.
  5. Use my email button on my profile.
  6. +1 on that. This is a relatively easy procedure and with a little common sense, does not involve much risk.
  7. Thank you, Ken. I appreciate your comments.
  8. I hate making excuses, but in this case I really need to. My wife suffered a severe and disabling, nerve-crushing bite from one of her students awhile back. Unfortunately, the injury has evolved into a serious, chronic immune system reaction. Not only have we been battling Workmans' Comp, the disability insurance people, our state retirement agency, etc, but we also spend a good part of our week with various doctors' and specialists' appointments. I'm not looking for sympathy, but just an understanding that if you are awaiting an order from me, it WILL be filled just as quickly as I can without sacrificing quality. I appreciate your understanding.
  9. Make it $115 and I'll ship "free".
  10. Thanks for the added info. I can't really answer your questions, as I haven't used these on my car. I already have a pair of vintage Hellas. I agree that these would be a nice complement to an 02 though.
  11. This can be one of those pesky jobs that should be simple enough, but can become time consuming and frustrating. I taped a piece of wire to the end of the wire so that I could better feed it through the obstacle course of sheet metal. It also helps to shine a bright light down the hole from the outside so that you have a better sense of where to look for the wire as it makes its way down. (I reproduce the 2 styles of Hirscmann red tips, too!)
  12. As a certified wheel whore, these are among my favorite wheels for the 02. Nice choice, especially if you're old enough to remember seeing them on the cars back in the seventies.
  13. Very nice old pair of Bosch fog lights. These have the factory painted cases in oustanding condition. Chip and crack free glass lenses with the Bosch logo. $140 or reasonable offer + shipping.

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