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  1. The Ireland Engineering shifter is the worst part of my car now.
  2. Thanks for the part numbers! I did indeed end up with that Ebay one. The blue collar doesn't fit into the IE shift plate, the ID of the tube used in the shift plate is too small to take the diameter of the section with the o-rings.
  3. I have tried an Ebay one, the length from the fulcrum to the selector rod is huge so it hits the driveshaft with zero chance of working in the shift plate i have. I just had the IE one out, and realised its already deteriorating after <3000Km
  4. hello team i'm sick of my shifter. i think it came with the IE 5-speed swap kit years ago. it's ugly and it's my least favourite part of the car. It has too large a diameter for the dumb rubber-filled section to work with the accordion-style shift boot. it first split the seam on the shift boot where it attaches to the console before i hacked the top off it. stupid ugly thing. The shifter is around the way its supposed to be, but is a long reach for reverse and generally that little bit too far away to be comfortable. ya get a sore shoulder on big drives from reaching for it. i have a custom DSSR that places the shifter dead vertical in neutral basically. I would gladly do without the rubber-filled bit altogether, I don't rate that doughiness in BMW shifters. I don't own a welder or a lathe, or know anybody who could sort one out for me custom. I do have the steel part of an old E21 shifter without the top on it for a start to a custom one i suppose. Is there an off-the-shelf shifter that will be a good fit? i suppose i'm after something with a similar throw to this, but angled back to the right a bit (RHD). if it's solid steel i don't mind tweaking the bend to suit myself I guess? Any discussion or tips welcome. Thanks
  5. Jace


    Intermittent wipers and rear demister 😎
  6. Fixed my broken door brake pivot mount by removing the little bracket and drilling and tapping it to M5. if it doesn't hold, I'll drill and tap to m6. feels amazing to have a quiet, working door brake after all this time! PXL_20210125_082635348.mp4
  7. Pic for attention, although you're already here so... I bought a 45 DCOE that popped up locally for a good price, and got a barely used Lynx manifold to suit it. My motor was reconditioned by the PO, I had to finish reassembly when I bought the car and have done maybe 10,000Km in the ~8 years since. The engine is sweet, and has been running pretty alright on a 32/36. Will the correct venturi and jetting allow one of these bad boys work to work with standard cams and compression? If so, does anybody have a reference for what I should be shooting for jetting wise? Mostly wanting to side-grade for induction noise, and just cause it's pretty cool.
  8. I think this was my most recent car before the 2002. assorted Japanese daily drivers aside, this was my daily for a good while and a barrel of fun, saved it from its destiny with the wreckers and got it back on the road.
  9. Scored some Recaros so started making some adaptors to fit them to the stock rails. A relatively simple affair, but started with some prototypes. Going to bend up the front ones to lift the front of the seat a bit. Now I need to do something about the awful looking rails!
  10. finally made a mount for a nice VDO clock i picked up years ago. had the blanks laser cut for the 52mm hole. (it's nowhere near my knee)
  11. I'm up against a bit of a wall with this now, the bearing carrier flanges to suit are over AU$400. If I end up going that route, i will take some photos for posterity.
  12. hmm, interesting. money i'd rather not fork out, hopefully i can find a purist with a e21 LSD they'd swap for a factory 2002 LSD so i don't need to fork out for these parts. and whether they'd be 4 or 6 bolt parts, who knows.
  13. According to Realoem, both are listed as 'Drive Flange Output', so dunno 😫
  14. after extensive research I believe I have a 2002 factory option 2-plate LSD center, but need the longer bearing carriers as mentioned above part number 3141204048
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