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'02 Parts For Sale

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All parts came off my '73 ITB race car.

Rear window glass $50

Left rear window glass $25

Right rear window glass $25

B-pillar chrome trim (L&R) **SOLD**

Metric Mechanic 4-speed transmission **SOLD**

Drive shaft w/center bearing & guibo $50

13x6 basket weave type wheels w/Toyo tires (4) **SOLD**

IE Bilstein race struts (almost new / used once) $200

Front hubs with new rotor (L&R) $60

Bilstein rear shocks (2 - not new) $10

Rear springs - 350lbs - $50

Rear sway bar (stock) $10

Parts are in Northern Virginia. I will try to keep the list updated as parts are sold.



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I've had several inquiries about the IE Bilstein Struts...

These are shortened approximately 2" by IE and have been re-valved for racing. They require a shortened strut housings (but I have seen them run with spacers in the strut housings). I have one strut housing you can have to use as a template if you want it. The housing also has a welded spring perch for coil-overs (not included). You can shorten the housings yourself or have IE do it for you - I think they charge $250 shorten and install the spring perch.

Hope this helps.

- Dave

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