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  1. Cleaning out my garage and have some parts for sale. Please EMAIL me your REASONABLE offers. Please don't post here, too difficult to manage. Larger parts for pick up in San Francisco. All parts ship from San Francisco. Also have (not pictured) but for pick up only: Stock radiators x 2 $15 each Hood $50 Trunk lid $40 Wing glass/stalk $15 each
  2. Looking for a back seat for my son's 02. Any color. Just be in decent shape. Looking for local pick up only. Email me using link above. Thx
  3. dma

    WTB RF Armrest

    Email me by using link above or post your email. Thx, Mark
  4. dma

    WTB RF Armrest

    I believe I have one. Can take a look if you still need one? Located in SF.
  5. Hey Trevor, I have one if the other deals don't work out for you. Pics attached. $25 plus shipping.
  6. I'm looking for a good condition upper backseat, prefer in cloth to match my lower. I have a local buddy coming to my area in August (san francisco) from LA. Perhaps he can bring it along if you still have it for sale? Thanks, Mark
  7. Do you still have early bumper? Pics? Just click on my email button. Thanks, Mark
  8. Clearing out excessive parts to make room for more parts J All prices include shipping to the Lower 48 States. Working late model fuel/temp gauge $40 Stock rear view mirror – minor scuffs to back. Glass great $20 Seat mechanism covers, driver condition $10 for both Fuel expansion tank $15 Big bumper shock cover things $12 (both) Window cranks, driver condition $10 each Marine blue door pulls, very good condition $15 each Tan door passenger side door pull, scuffed and 4mm cut $12 Summer Heater Box $25 Door handles, driver condition, no plastic, $10 each Shift surround for automatic $25 (SOLD) Stock quarter window latches $20 (pair) Cigarette lighter unit working $25 Non-working cigarette lighter $3 to cover shipping or free with any other order Headlight switch $15 (I have two) Air can to Summer/Winter box hose $12 I’m not a fan of the “dibs” approach sometimes used here. Just click the email button above if you are interested.
  9. I believe this is the correct url: http://www.tireeasy.com/ But I tires easily....
  10. $5.00 from you local dealer. My local dealer also gives out free diet coke and popcorn. It's worth the trip :-)
  11. Thank you Steve! I'm assuming the earlier metal versions are NLA. If not, hit me back with price. Many thanks again.
  12. I'm trying to locate the part number for the plastic door sill the covers the rocker/door area for a square tail car. I have searched RealOEM and can not find the darn thing. Also, I thought that earlier cars had a stainless or chrome version. Are they interchangeable? Thanks
  13. Great story and great find. Good luck. Hmm, better start by giving that side mirror some viagra.
  14. Email sent for one piece dash and trunk side panel.

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