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Hood issue that perplexes me, se pics.

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Thanks to Vision (and all of you driving the point home) I now understand how the hood latch works, many thanks.  My mind had the roller wheels under the ramps and pushing up on the hood upon release.  I now see that pushing the inside handle down and forward rolls the rollers onto the ramps and pushes the edges of the hood down to the stops while simultaneously rotating the center latch into latching position.  With my new understanding, I am now hopeful this weekend will yield a functioning hood and release.  As for the four hood prop bars not being right,  I will work on these at a later date.  I need to get this car on the road so I can build a relationship with it or send it on its way.


John in OK

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No more clamps!  I couldn't wait for the weekend.  I like to pride myself on my mechanical acumen, but this one completely stumped me.   They can't all be winners.  This illustrates the point that going vigorously in the wrong direction is getting you nowhere, vigorously.  In about an hour I had it latching adequately (thanks to all the help from yous guys).  I know it's not perfect and could use a some fine tuning but progress is progress.  I had to rotate the handle with more force than I think is right, so that will be part of my tuning mind-set.  The body lines are not right either.  I took all the suggestions from this post and everything fell into place.  The props - I moved the orientation of the bolts at the bottom and moved the bar to the outside.  I know the prop bars don't look right but now they work perfectly.


John in OK




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