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Full Project Sell-Off - 1976 BMW 2002


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Price: $100
Location: Atlanta

Hey guys, have had some big life events in the last few weeks, mostly adds up to having a lot less time and money in the foreseeable future. Huge bummer but definitely means I need to part ways with my '76 2002 project. Selling everything I have for it, see the list of parts and prices below. Please reach out with any questions, full set of photos here:
  1. Shell from a california ‘76, recently dustless blasted and in epoxy primer. NOSE HAS BEEN CUT, was planning on a m20 swap before needing to sell. Tried to be as delicate as possible, the radiator I ended up using is from a volvo 240 and is a very good fit between the frame rails. Car is otherwise excellent on rust, only problem areas are the front footwells. Already have the patch panels and will include.
  2. WILL INCLUDE. Interior, including original carpet if desired. All original trim, hardware, emblems, hinges, lights, etc. Original glass, windshield is cracked. Gas Tank. basic mechanical items like the pedal box, steering shaft, handbrake, etc. Original wiring harness and fuse block. Original big bumpers. Basically anything that I haven’t already started cleanup on. All items will be bagged and tagged and organized in boxes. Can provide photos of how everything currently sits upon request, there’s a lot obviously.
  3. WILL NOT INCLUDE. Basically any of the major mechanical elements, most of which I’ve already done a ton of work on and would like to recoup costs from. If it’s listed below I won’t be including it. The original M10 engine has already been sold, I was planning an m20 swap and have a core engine for that.
  4. SOLD
  1. Front subframe, completely rebuilt. Powder coated, new steering components, bushings, hardware, and swaybar. Cleaned up front strut housings, new H&R springs and bilstein shocks, new strut mounts. WILL NOT INCLUDE HUBS, those are going with the front brakes. Includes rebuilt steering box. Totally ready to bolt in. SOLD
  2. Rear subframe, completely rebuilt. Powder coated, new bushings, hardware and swaybar. New hub bearings, rebuilt CV joints. Includes the stock 3.61 open diff with new bearings and gaskets. Also includes new H&R springs and bilstein shocks, along with all the hardware and rubber perches. Totally ready to bolt in. SOLD
  1. Ireland Engineering 2” stainless exhaust, everything from the downpipe back. New, never mounted. SOLD
  1. Complete dual Italian DCOE 40 Conversions kit for an M10. 2 italian DCOE 40s, intake manifolds, coolant bypass hoses, 2002sOnly throttle linkage setup, Ramflo Air Filters, misc hardware and gaskets. SOLD
  2. Complete Weber 38/38 Kit with machined intake manifold and throttle linkage. All in as-new condition. SOLD
  3. Crusty Weber 32/36 with rebuild kit. Has the adapter to run the stock air filter $120 Shipped
  4. Performance Electronics Bluetooth Wideband O2 Sensor - bluetooth sensor for tracking AFR for carb tuning. New, never mounted. SOLD
  1. Original Getrag 4-Speed, new bearings and gaskets. Gears shift great on a bench, reverse is a little tough to get into. Something about the detent spring, works fine when it’s out. SOLD
  2. Getrag 245 5-speed with M20 Bell Housing - From a euro spec 320 or 323i, super clean original condition. Shifts nicely on a bench, haven’t run it. Will also include the brand new mounting bracket from ireland engineering SOLD
  3. Rebuilt shifter platform with upgraded selector rod. SOLD
  1. New, never mounted Ireland Engineering big brake kit. Will include hubs with new bearings installed. $600 Shipped
  2. New drums, shoes, cylinders and hardware for stock 230mm rear brakes. Mounted but never run SOLD
  3. New set of stainless brake lines. SOLD
  4. New Clutch master cylinder. $90 Shipped
  5. New hose and check valve for the brake booster. SOLD
  1. Set of 13” bmw basketweave wheels, include tires but they’re shot. Wheels are in very nice shape. SOLD
  2. Set of new, never mounted Pirelli Cinturato CN36 tires. 185/70R13. SOLD
Misc Exterior and Cosmetic Stuff:
  1. Shorty bumper kit with mounting brackets for square headlight cars, new never mounted. SOLD
  2. Kooglewerks Wide Low-mount air dam, new never mounted. SOLD
  3. MVP Chromed plastic grills for a late cars. New, never mounted. $320 Shipped
  4. New Hella headlights and bulbs $120 Shipped
  5. Vintage Sev Marchal 5.75" fog lights and covers, beautiful condition. $300 Shipped
  6. New cocomats SOLD
M20 Specific Stuff
  1. M20B25 Engine - includes all accessories, wiring harness and DMU. Bought this as a ‘low mileage’ engine, didn’t do a leakdown test before I bought it and got burned. Will need a head gasket at minimum. Lesson learned. SOLD
  2. New ireland engineering motor mounts for an m20 swap. Includes adapters and urethane mounts. Transmission mounts shown in the photo are not included, will be selling those with the Getrag 245. SOLD
  3. Side-mount distributor from a euro 323i. Bought this when I was thinking about a no-cut m20 conversion, obviously that ship has sailed. Think this is useful for carb’ed m20 builds too. Sold



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Huge majority of this stuff is spoken for guys. Thank you so much to everyone who picked things up, been a very pleasant process. I’ll probably do a new post for the few remaining things and whatever odds and ends pop up.




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