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  1. I agree that port fuel injection is a better way to go. Now I have to put all the pieces together. Once I get going on this project I will document and share. Thanks so much for everything and take care.
  2. Good afternoon, Alan Smith with web con shut the following about their Retroject unit:
  3. HI. Completely onboard with the evolution of fuel delivery systems. And have received great, true, factual advice about the advantages of 1 injector per cylinder over TBI. From what I've learned so far, both will require programming ECU's and adding wire harnesses, some add ons, like integrated ignition controls would be the same. That said, with the goal of improved tractability of my current engine, I'm still curious whether there is a sufficient additional benefit to chasing down the better, 1 injector per cylinder system. Really appreciate your knowledge and seeing things I don't. Thanks
  4. 2002iii, pretty much any aftermarket ecu will be able to control 4 injectors as well as the 2 in the TBI. I need to educate myself on the in's and outs of the 318i system. Feel like I'm moving from a standing start. So, thanks for the help along the way.
  5. I know that there was a member who did an epic write up and documentation of a Holly Sniper conversion. Kinda remember that the Sniper's injectors were sized for a 6 or 8 cyl. engine and the engine got too much fuel. Have to dig to find the topic in FAQ. Allan Smith with Webcon wrote me that the injectors that come with the Retroject provide 480cc/min @. Hope this helps.
  6. Smoothing the engine out and as an additional benefit picking up some MPG’s probably would make it worth it. Not necessarily in fuel cost. But some simpler pleasure. Thanks again for helping me understand what this upgrade could do.
  7. True, but my engine has 9.5 cr, 292 cam, larger valves, headers, 2" exhaust, and the 38/38. A nice streetable motor. Am just curious about the TBI with a computer and wideband O2. Would it make it more tractable? Don't know.
  8. Sounds like a great over – the – winter project. Should give me enough time to research thoroughly and line up any additional resources I need for the things I cannot do myself. Again, I appreciate your guide to better alternatives. Thanks, and take care
  9. You're both right. It would be close to an ITB, and what's being offered is convenience. Clearly more clear thinking on my part is needed here. Thanks for seeing things that I didn't.
  10. Has anyone replaced a conventional carb 32/36, 38/38 with a Retroject 38/38 TBI? https://www.webcon.co.uk/products/15299-retroject-3838-throttle-body/ I'm currently running a Weber 38/38 in my '71 and am curious about this. Looks interesting, but don't know anything more than what's on their site. Thanks in advance for any comments.
  11. Hi. Had to have my 71's Brake Booster rebuilt. Sent it to Martin @ Power Brake Exchange in San Jose. $165.75 + return shipping to VA. Rebuilt & fresh powder coat. Beautiful work. Check them out.
  12. Thanks Clint. Wishing you good parts hunting and staying well.
  13. Just to clarify, it was the last of that batch. I have not looked to see if he made another batch. Thanks again for your query. ms
  14. Good Morning, The unit does come as Celsius and Bar. When originally made, there was an extra cost upgrade to Fahrenheit and PSI. The one I purchased 2019 was the last one he made. I just unwrapped the head unit, and it displays in Cº and Bar. Hope this helps. Take care, Mark Sucher
  15. NIB purchased for '74. No longer needed. For more information, please see below:
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