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ZF Steering Box parts & lube questions (from an Alfa guy)


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Hi all


I'm an Alfa (and BMW E30....) owner who just swapped a ZF steering box from an Alfa Spider into my GTV.  I understand the box is substantially similar to the one used in the 2002.  


In the Alfa world, many have tried using a 00 grade grease such as below in lieu of the 90w Oil, to prevent leaks.  On the Alfa, the box is very close to the headers so  the oil gets heated substantially and the lower shaft seal suffers.   Is there any wisdom regarding this from the 2002 crowd? https://www.ecklers.com/nova/champion-00-manual-steering-box-grease-85-376792-1.html


I'd also like to ask if anyone has found parts available besides the seals and bolts such as available here: http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/02strbxkt.html


Incidnetally I believe this is the correct lower shaft seal and a much better price.  I was unable to find an improved double lip or viton seal to fit this application. http://www.oringsandmore.com/oil-shaft-seal-28-x-42-5-x-8mm-price-for-1-pc/

Photo Sep 18, 9 24 55 PM.jpg

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Like 2002Scoob I can't comment on the issues you have (I don't use grease either), but I bet some of the UK folks on this board with RHD 2002s have experienced this situation b/c the steering box needs to be next to the header like on your alfa. They may chime in!



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40 minutes ago, 2002Scoob said:

Thanks - I'm familiar with the Penrite stuff - the Champion product I linked to is the same NGLI grade 00 but easier to get ahold of in the USA.   I think I'll use Loctite 574 or similar gasket eliminator on the top cap.  




^^^ That's the stuff I use in my box. Hasn't failed me yet. Don't know what to say about the issues you describe with proximity to the header/heat, but you can probably find some spec's somewhere that will tell you it's working range. 




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