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FWIW I think helmets and HANS tend to go pretty much hand-in-hand, point being with a helmet up there you have considerable more mass than your neck is 'normally' dealing with, so any already-considerable-forces that occur are then amplified by the additional mass of the helmet.  There's a catch though, which is that the Simpson Hybrid S is as far as I know the only one technically intended for use with a normal 3-point belt.  As it's $1100, I found it more more sensible for my E30 HPDE car to roll bar + harnesses + normal HANS for about the same money.  BUT. . . I'd also never put a bar into my 2002 street car either.  Maybe check around to see if you can rent the Hybrid S from somewhere? I think I've seen that advertised somewhere before but can't recall.  Anyway, it's all a bit of a compromise, so just try and strike the right balance for your situation!

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6 hours ago, NYNick said:

Here's what they told me at my first PCA DE.

"Get a cheap helmet for a cheap head".

Yeah, but that's really only half accurate.  A lot of the ways to spend money on a helmet don't directly increase its safety.  Look at all the previous advice on fitment.  A helmet that costs twice as much but doesn't fit you I would deem less safe than a cheap one that fits/is worn properly.  Similarly, what's 'safer,' a $400 helmet and $300 used hans, or a $700 helmet and no hans?  My bet would be on the former. . .  I do agree that price and quality tend to go hand in hand, and you don't want a poor quality helmet,  but when looking at overall safety there's more facets to it.

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