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Wtb Lock Set

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Hey everyone, when i bought my 2002 i seemingly happened to grab the keys to the parts car i didnt take. Low and behold the keys are NLA as that went to the scrapper

I need a complete key and lock set! Ignition would be cool as well, but at least Doors and trunk locks and key, as it be best to buy a new ignition anyways. Located in 19047. give me prices shipped.



Location: Langhorne pa

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Doors and ignition locks were originally keyed together, and thus used the same key blank. The trunk lock was separate and used a different blank. If you don't pair the doors with the ignition, you'll find yourself with 2 similar keys plus a trunk key. Worse things have happened in the history of the world. If you don't want to buy a matched set of ignition and door locks, a locksmith can key the three to match. Alternatively, a locksmith can generally produce a lock based on its code. Who knows, you get a key made for your ignition and it just may fit both doors!



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