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  1. Michael Thomas

    What is PN 51211880555

    Thank you
  2. Michael Thomas

    What is PN 51211880555

    Other then posting the link exactly where I got the pn from, did u have a reply?
  3. Michael Thomas

    What is PN 51211880555

    Is anyone able to confirm that this PN is the Left door key cylinder, and assorted gates, to build to existing key? Thank you.
  4. Michael Thomas

    Part Outs 1974, 1976, 1969

    Hey there, need headlight buckets and retainer rings in good shape.
  5. That CSB adapter looks super well put together. Know if it would work e30 318/m42 g240+Drive shaft?
  6. Michael Thomas

    Part Outs 1974, 1976, 1969

    Brake booster/master in unknown condition, hence "Core"- or just bad?
  7. Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas

  8. Michael Thomas

    M10; EFI Conversion Parts

    19047 - Langhorne PA, These are pending sale currently. Will update otherwise.
  9. Michael Thomas

    M10; EFI Conversion Parts

    Price:: 200 OBRO Location: : 19047 **Sold** I just picked up an 84 m10 this past weekend, that i'm breaking for parts for an e30 project. Below are the parts im aware of for the EFI conversion. Asking 200 Or best reasonable offer + shipping. Intake manifold - 11611709585 Fuel rail With injectors - 13531707731 Fuel pressure regulator - 13531711541 Water neck - 11531274009 Coolant bypass tube - 11531264718 Throttle body and boot - 13541287302 & 13541278947 (boot may not be in the best shape, so i will "throw it in") External Fuel pump - 16141178751 (The one on the car i picked up, appears to be "Like new"; no confirmation) im not the best on here, so you can email me at mtclark90@aim.com, or catch me on R3vlimited user, Unearth078 Untitled by michaelt.clark90, on Flickr PS let me know if you need any parts located elsewhere on this e30.
  10. Michael Thomas

    Wtb Lock Set

    Hey everyone, when i bought my 2002 i seemingly happened to grab the keys to the parts car i didnt take. Low and behold the keys are NLA as that went to the scrapper I need a complete key and lock set! Ignition would be cool as well, but at least Doors and trunk locks and key, as it be best to buy a new ignition anyways. Located in 19047. give me prices shipped. thanks, Mike Location: Langhorne pa