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Calling The Pros - Painting Tower Tips?


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hey guys im going to attacking my towers with primer in the next couple days and i foresee the problem of shooting the back of the tower where the firewall is going to get in the way of being able to reach back there, I'm shooting with a HVLP gravity feed with a 20oz cup,  I know an easy solution would be to buy a smaller cup/mini gun to get back there but id rather save the money. so any tips on how to shoot in that area? 

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Get a touch- up gun.  Open it wide up, hose it in there.  And get some hose fittings for where the

air line goes in so you can angle the line away from the work when the gun's in place.


Ideally, have a fresh air respirator, and climb in there with it.  Yes, I climbed in, no, I didn't have air.

Bad idea.  Fan helped, enough, once I thought to put it in.


Oh, yeah- pull the gas tank and jack the butt of the car up.  That helps, too, I did it once that

way and it turned out pretty good.


Ever try painting a roll cage?  THAT's its own nightmare...





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