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S14 M2 drivetrain complete rebuilt, never ran. Phoenix, AZ (


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Hi all,


Regrettably health is requiring me to sell my completely rebuilt by a professional shop, never started S14 drive-train. This motor is set up for a 2002 as it has the 02 oilpan/pick-up, water pump and no P/S. I also had the exhaust header flange moved so I would not have to dent the tube to clear steering. I was also going to run Megasquirt which comes with it (completely built and tested) along with a Jimstim. I am including the exhaust to the rear axle (see header note above) and the tranny tunnel. The tunnel will allow you to run the 265 tranny and still maintain the stock shifter location, it also has the rear shifter mount welded to it. The tranny was sent for rebuild, but no issues were found so I had them reseal only.

I have over $13k invested including price of the motor & tranny and have most receipts. I spared no expense, most bolts/nuts were replaced with parts from the dealer, not Ace hardware. Let me tell you, I really got to know the parts guy! All hoses and even their respective hose clams are new OEM. There are tons of performance parts into this motor, Supertech throughout, fuel rail, ARP, etc. One thing I love, is the 105 amp GM alternator (new) in the stock location, see pictures.

Below is a more complete list I put together of what has been done and also what comes with it. Due to my health I'll be unavailable, but if you have any questions or would like to view, feel free to call my roommate Todd at 480.326.7893. He knows all about the combo and can give more technical information than I could, like specs on the cam. I should be able to return emails, but it might take me some time, brendang2000 at gmail. I will attempt to add a few photos, but if they don't work I can send them to you. I would love to get $10k for this setup, but am willing to accept reasonable offers. Thanks for looking. Brendan

BMW S14:

1: Completely fresh rebuild by professional shop.

2: Still at standard bore as block, pistons and crank were in perfect condition.

3: Block was hot tanked, magna-fluxed, and honed.

4: Pistons were hot tanked and inspected.

5: New Total seal rings were end gapped.

6: Rods were cleaned, magna-fluxed, re-sized, checked for straightness and new ARP bolts installed.

7: Crank was hot tanked, magna-fluxed, checked for straightness and polished. Still standard size.

8: New bearings, freeze plugs new BWM main bolts.

9: Oil pump was machined to maintain BMW specs and 2002 pickup installed.

10: 2002 oil pan has windage tray installed.

11: Head has been hot tanked, mana-fluxed, planned for straightness, new guides and oversized hardened seats installed (see valves below).

12: Header is ceramic coated in and out and has been cut to clear stock 2002 steering linkage without denting it. Still has OEM output flanges. I have a full dual exhaust with x-pipe to mufflers that comes along as well. Mufflers to tail pipe are not included.

13: CS130 GM 105 amp alternator installed in stock position.

14: Balancer has hall-effect ring welded on and fresh paint.

15: Here is what has been freshly powder coated: water pump pulley, oil pan, water pipe, steam tube, alternator pulley, valve cover and air box have new wrinkle powder coating.

16: fuel injectors have been reworked to factory specs.

17: Ross racing fuel rail.

18: alternator bracket, motor mount brackets, starter bracket, IAC bracket and left side water tube have been re-zinced and treated to maintain hardness.

19: new clutch, throw out bearing, clutch fork, slave cylinder, and pressure plate. All hardware is replaced with correct BMW nuts bolts, etc.

20: flywheel was resurfaced.

21: new 2002 water pump installed.

22: new timing chain tensioner (the expensive one)

23: new timing chain

24: cams have been re-ground and cryogenically treated. 244 @ 50 on intake and 240 @ 50 on exhaust. Installed to factory cam lobe separation angle. These are similar to Schrick 292/284 cams, "bumpy but drivable car for a dual use car".

25:new supertech valves are oversized, exhaust is +1.0mm & intake is +1.5mm. They were ordered long and custom cut to maintain factory valve lash due to reground cams. 3 angle job. Valve lash tool is included.

26: new supertech valve springs. 110 lbs @ seat

27: new supertech titanium retainers

28: new supertech keepers

29: M3 tranny (Getrag 265) has been inspected and resealed. No issues found.

30: tranny tunnel to use actual M3 transmission (Getrag 265) is included. This maintains the factory shifter location. Also has rear M3 shifter mount welded in.

31: used but good 320 radiator and electric fan.

32: used Ford mustang 65mm AFM

33: two used S14 starters. They have been bench tested only.

34: new S14 thermostat.

35: all vacuum hoses and water hoses are new BMW parts

36: new BMW S14 oil separator and bracket.

37: new S14 short shifter

38: I will include the S14 AC compressor and brackets, but I'm sure this is only good for a core.

39: custom tranny mount with new bushing.

40: new polyurethane motor mounts.

41: new factory reconditioned MSD 6AL.


43: new Aeromotive mini-EFI fuel pressure regulator.

44: new crank position sensor.

45: new BMW S38 TPS sensor.

46: new Jeep IAC and aluminum block conversion kit.

47: new and tested megasquirt II 3.0 board setup for direct coil ignition (MSD). Also included are the extra barometric sensors to use for individual throttle bodies.

48: JimStim




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Wow! I wish. I've been looking for one but this is a little over my price limit. GLWS if it hasn't been sold yet.



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